February 2013

February 28



February 17

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

“The Most Astounding Fact About The Universe”



February 12

Wanted to update readers on a couple of actions recently with EintheMW.  First, the Facebook page for EintheMW has been deactivated for the time being due to suspicious activity connected to the page.  So for you dear readers out there who may have in the past referred to that page, it will be unavailable for now.

Also, I have been doing some research on being able to provide “translate” buttons to the blog for those readers around the World that would be more comfortable enjoying EintheMW in their first language.  Unfortunately, after much learning and researching, I will not be offering that at this time due to the process and changes that would need to occur in order to provide that capability.  However, please know that if you will provide feedback regarding this issue, and I hear from enough readers, I will be happy to revisit this possibility.

And please know, that I welcome and am always open to feedback on any issue regarding EintheMW that would create a more enjoyable and positive space for you to visit.  So, if you have suggestions, don’t be shy!



February 10

Please post and circulate widely Actor Thomas Jane & Dr. Greer at Cicero’s – Park City UT

Great connections made during the Sundance Film Festival

from Dr. Steven Greer

Actor Thomas Jane who has done the voice over for the Sirius film joined Dr. Greer in Park City during the Sundance Film festival. What a team! Introductions, interviews and many connections made that will help the Sirius film make the impact we are all wanting.

Other news about the film: The world renowned geneticist has started his testing. He feels it will take at least 3 – 4 weeks to run the tests and analyze them. The geneticist also gave all the information about the little being to one of the foremost medical specialists on genetic anomalies. That doctor has concluded that even though it is only 6 inches in length it is not a fetus, but was 5 – 7 years old at the time of its death!

This research was possible through your generous donations and we sincerely thank you. We are looking at a Spring 2013 release of the film and are still accepting donations to help with the roll out publicity.

Please go to http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001PDCcAtHALW2pPHschf471RGQJi0NLo3OdQaIISmM_-J83Af1XkrXbUqhKjoL5HuNlbjGTlFqke09c1EEL6ouPWwybv6NyJG412hy9UOf_hBPOpH7qxXW1c0P4iC_toV1  and click under the trailer to donate.




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