January 2013

January 21, 2013

Please post and circulate widely

Showing of the most recent trailer for SIRIUS

Dr. Greer and Actor Thomas Jane – Cicero’s – January 23, 2013 – 5pm – 7 pm

Park City , UT – during the Sundance Film FestivalOn Wednesday January 23, 2013 Sirius Technology and Research (STAR) will be holding a reception in Park City UT while the Sundance Film Festival is going on. We will be showing a trailer of the Sirius film and media and attendees will be able to meet Dr. Greer, the force behind the film and whose work is its inspiration and famous actor, Thomas Jane, who has done the voice over for Sirius. If you or anyone you know is in Park City at that time – come to Cicero’s and join us!



New Sirius Trailer




January 21, 2013


Happy Belated Birthday,

Dr. King



January 16, 2013


Aaron Swartz


Let us all remember to honor this incredible mind and amazing man today. To all bloggers out there, take a moment to remember how our ability to talk to and connect with the World Community is in large part due to the efforts of Aaron Swartz. For readers, who enjoy without a second thought, the ability and Gift of being able to read a blog, remember this is due in large part to the efforts of Aaron Swartz. To all Reddit fans, take a Moment to remember this network we enjoy is due in large part to Aaron Swartz and use it responsibly. When you enjoy your favorite or new Podcast, take a Moment to be appreciative and remember this is due in large part to the efforts of Aaron Swartz. And to all of us, let’s remember that the freedom we have to find just about anything we want on the Internet as a result of the defeat of SOPA, is in part due to the courageous activist efforts of Aaron Swartz.

Today, Aaron, I wish you safe journey, wherever you are. I hope for you Joy and the Wonder and Awe that you helped bring to this World Community. May you be at absolute Peace, free from all fear now. You helped change the World. It was a job well done and a Journey well-traveled. Here’s to you, Brother.



January 14, 2013

Greetings to all Beautiful Souls out there!

It has been quite a ride through the year of 2012, has it not? But here we are, having arrived at the New Year once again. I hope all of you out there had a Peaceful entry into 2013.

I will finally be getting back to my commitment, my Love of sharing with you. As so many of you have experienced through the last few months, it has been a road of rapidly changing events around our World. As for me, I have been attending to my own Heart Opening process. Much of this has been focused on the process of Self and the shift in Consciousness that this brings. Many have been experiencing the same process and the Joy and struggles that accompany that. But our shifts in Awareness have also been brought about by the observance of events in the World, resulting in a focus on just how each of us responds to these events. More and more, we find our responses becoming less of an emotional reaction and more of a deeper, centered Heart response.

This is truly where we are heading, and what we have begun to experience: Heart=Love. We are in the new Reality of a Love-based World, and it becomes clearer to me each day that we are truly at a time when the Divine Feminine is returning to our World. The Yin-Yang imbalance that has powered our Planet for so long now is finally righting itself. This will be an exciting year as we begin now to complete the work we have started. I have no doubt we will begin to see changes and shifts happening faster and faster – systems will be in their final collapse around the World and societies will continue shifting into Love.

I hope your New Year has kicked off with a new sense of who you are and a new Vision and way of seeing that takes you forward into these exciting times! I wish you Miracles and Moments of Wonder! And more than anything else, I wish you Love… and Sunshine!


“Bring Me Sunshine” – The Jive Aces




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