June 2013

June 21

Summer  Solstice


June 20

Being Strong


June 15

Universe Closed


June 11

Greetings Beautiful Souls!

It has been awhile since I’ve been able to spend much time here at the blog.  As is happening with so many people now, changes and shiftings are happening in my Life that continue to need my focus.  Wonderful shiftings, I might add!  We are all being asked now during this time to listen to ourselves, our Spirits, and our Passions and show the Courage now to jump head first into these endeavors.

As I continue to attend to these personal Life changes, I will do my best to spend more time here also and keep postings more current.  There is so much happening now, Within and outside of us, that – in all honesty – some weeks it’s hard to keep up!  But what an incredible and amazing time this is in our Evolution together, don’t you think?

I find my thoughts often on the Beautiful Souls out there that continue to visit and peruse Evolution in the Milky Way.  I am always sending Love from my Heart out to you and in every Moment hope and wish for you the amazing, though often “ups and downs”, experience I am having on this Journey!

I have not said it recently, but I so deeply appreciate your visits and have immense Gratitude for you.  Gratitude that you continue to seek the knowledge that will expand your Consciousness and Gratitude that in seeking new Knowledge you continue to hold new things to share with other Brothers and Sisters through your Journey.  Thank You.

Remember, it’s up to us to keep this Grand Moment in Humanity’s Evolution going forward – more important now than ever!

Nurture and Love yourselves, give Compassion and Love to everyone you meet, and let’s keep this Momentum of Light on our Beautiful Planet moving toward the magnificent 4D vibration of our New Earth!




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