May 2012

May 20, 2012

Hello World! It’s been a week since I’ve shared thoughts with Dear Readers on the Main Blog page. Part of this is due to the new “Odds and Ends” section that was added.

I think it’s been a strange week for me… how about you? I’ve been inhabiting a Space that has been very “growing,” challenging… well, I think you understand. I know we all go through these periods. But at least this past week for me has actually been a “clearing” or moving out of a challenging period that lasted almost a month.

I feel nothing but Respect and Honor for these periods of growth… I just wish that Respect and Honor would help the growth be less of a struggle at times!

Having said that, Life is still a Beautiful and Wondrous Adventure, don’t you think?

I felt it was important to share a reminder here for everyone about the Powerful space we are entering this evening. Many are aware that tonight will be a magnificent Solar Eclipse. This will best be visible in a band stretching from China to Texas… hmmmm. It will be an opportune time to again connect with Divine and Cosmic Energies and release more Love from our Hearts into Humanity, the Earth, and our Beautiful Galaxy. It will also be another opportunity for us to Connect with this next Wave of Energy and Love coming towards the Planet.

In addition to this event, tonight should be even more Powerful yet – there will be a perfect Galactic alignment of the Earth, Sun, Moon, and the Plaeides star system. This will be a Powerful Portal providing another opportunity for all of us to strengthen our Intent for the World.

Now, if that isn’t enough (!) we are also in a “window” of Time, a significant waystop along the Timeline being brought into Manifestation. (Remember, scientifically speaking, we are still in the Potential of two Timelines – one is the goal and desire of the Powers That Were that can gift them with total control and the other is the Timeline Humanity would choose, that Gifts us with Higher Consciousness, Freedom, and a New World. Yet, based on many readings and articles, we have already succeeded in manifesting the Timeline of Higher Consciousness. It is already done. Let’s just do what we can to be certain this will Manifest!) This window is another glorious opportunity for all of us to more fully bring into Being the Timeline we desire. For those who are feeling impatience with activities and events to begin in the U.S. and the World, this is a great opportunity to give the Potential a good push through this Window.

So, tonight, whether you (sensibly and cautiously) observe the Eclipse, or choose Meditation time, or Prayer time, let’s come together in a Higher Place and bring what we desire into Being. And in doing that, we could provide an encouraging push for those Heroes who have committed to the “front lines” of returning us to Divine Sovereignty to take the leap for all of us.

I feel great Love for all my Brothers and Sisters in Humanity today. I feel great Love for our Beautiful Mother Gaia and her creatures today. I send this out to you from my Heart. I would be Honored if you chose to accept the Love I offer into your Heart.

Be in Peace today. Reject Fear today. Stay in your space of Light. And tonight, let’s see our Beautiful Milky Way Galaxy awash and filled with a Wave of Light and Love from Earth.



May 13, 2012

Well, Happy Mother’s Day to all around this Beautiful Blue Planet today!! Whether or not you are a Mother of children, chances are you Nurture something or someone in your Life. So good wishes for you also to celebrate the Unconditional Love you spread in your own way!

And to Mothers everywhere, I stand in Awe of your Love, Nurturing, Comfort, Sustenance, and Power that you share with the World and your children.

And especially, to our Most Beautiful Mother Earth. With absolute Humility, Love and Respect, I wish our Planet a day of Peace and Comfort where ever it is possible.

I continue to get things caught up here and will be posting more new stuff today. For the Moment, I want share the following amazing video for those that may not have run across it yet. What do you think it is? Is it a Time Traveler? Is it someone who has just departed their Earthly body? Is it an interdimensional Being? What ever it is, it’s really something to watch! I hope you enjoy!

I hope as you Honor your Mothers today for everything they have done and continue to do, you will also acknowledge Mother Gaia today. Take a Moment as you move through your day to just bend down, touch her, and tell her you Love and Appreciate her. I know She will hear the words and feel the Love.




May 12, 2012

I wanted to share a radio interview with James Gilliland that I thought was interesting. He talks about his experiences with galactic beings and visiting ships, the different types of beings he’s encountered, the ECETI Ranch, and a few other interesting things.

For the option to either listen to the interview on audio or read the interview transcript, I’ve posted the video below, followed by the link for reading



May 11… continued

The first thing I wanted to get posted for you is the May Energy Forecast from Lee Harris. As always, this one is really good. It especially resonated for me in light of how the month has begun in my Reality, and I hope it will provide you with some Balance and Centering as it did for me.




May 11, 2012

Wow… it’s been 6 days since I’ve shared any thoughts!

I have missed writing and ‘talking’ to Dear Readers out there. So I am back at work today getting some new stuff posted; items and readings have been coming in right and left this week. So I will begin getting this stuff posted and caught up for you!

For now, I wish you a day filled with adventure and Wonder!



May 5, 2012

Hello World!

It’s a Beautiful day in the islands of Florida today. How does your World look today? Are you finding some Beauty to appreciate for a Moment?

My apologies to followers who received today’s Daily Inspiration – your guess is as good as mine why it was titled “1624!” It may have had something to do with the database the blog operates from – at any rate, I did title it “Daily Inspiration” and hope that you still enjoyed the morning thought.

I feel like tonight’s Energy around the World will be initiating great events to come – whether in our outside World or within ourselves. May is the month of things coming to the surface. This can be experienced either as our own personal issues, past things that have not been closed or resolved, and the issues going on in the World around us. So I think this month may be challenging for many. The things we have carried inside of ourselves on an individual and personal level will bubble to the surface (again!) and insist we release them once and for all. It also provides the opportunity to see changes and resolutions in our outer World as Global issues now demand a drastic change in order to move forward into a brighter Future.

So this month, be sure to find your own ways to stay grounded, centered and balanced, and be aware of your responses to situations. Stay in a place of Love and Compassion, for many around us will be experiencing challenges just as we ourselves will be going through transitions.

I hope that tonight you have made plans to contribute your Energy to the Planet, whether in the Silence of your home individually or in a Loving group setting with others. We can truly Heal this Planet and each other with these efforts. I think we are also in a time where many of us will be amazed – truly amazed – at just how quickly Intent can Manifest around us. As everything else is accelerating, so too will the manifestations accelerate in the amount of time they take to be seen. I believe we are now being obligated to hold our Intent strong, send these Intentions with Pure Love, and rejoice in seeing Expectations met so quickly!

It may be a slow weekend for me with regard to the blog, but I will continue to provide a few new things that have come my way. Having shared the above Thoughts with you (thank you!), I know these Thoughts are coming from a place within me that has begun shifting as well. So I will use my weekend to bounce from one minute to next, simply Honoring what my Body and Soul guide me to experience. Honor your Moments… feel Energetic? Get busy! Feel drained? Time to sit and stare at nothing. Just Honor the direction your Heart takes you. The Heart knows.

Peace to all around the World! I love all of you Beautiful Souls!

And remember to get your ‘shades’ out… ’cause “the Future’s so bright…”



May 2, 2012

Well, here we are in May already and it’s hard to believe that 2012 is almost half over!

I wanted to remind all Beautiful Souls out there that three days from now, May 5, will be a very powerful day – it will be a powerful Full Moon, Wesak, and World Liberation Day.

As World Liberation Day, there will be a worldwide meditation happening at the exact start of the Full Moon that night. We have the opportunity to make this a very powerful meditation that evening, and what better focus for that meditation than the Liberation of our Earth and Humanity!

May 5 is also Wesak/Wesak Moon. Wesak is celebrated among Buddhists around the world as an honoring of Buddha’s birth, death and Enlightenment.

This Full Moon coming up is a Taurus-Scorpio moon. A Taurus keynote is:

I see and when the Eye is opened, all is light.

Below are the times in the four U.S. time zones, and the Greenwich Mean Time of when the Full Moon will begin that night.

Lastly, there have been a few changes on the blog and I hope very much these are making your reading easy when you visit. If not, PLEASE let me know! Also, I invite all Dear Hearts to provide feedback for me if you are experiencing any problems when navigating around the blog.

I continue to work to find you things of interest and I hope everyone continues to enjoy visiting. If there are other topics you would like to see covered or added to the blog, please comment! Not promising I will add all suggestions, but as much as I hope in my Heart that I am offering things for you that expand your Knowledge, I also strive to expand my Knowledge and welcome from you new insights, perspectives, information and Truth! And half the fun is passing on what we’ve learned!

Pass a Smile on to someone and keep spreading the Love!


May 5, 2012

Full Moon times:

Eastern Standard Time – 11:35

Central Standard Time – 10:35

Mountain Standard Time – 9:35

Pacific Standard Time – 8: 35

Greenwich Mean Time – 03:35

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