October 2012

Oct. 28 2012

Here’s a tidbit for those in the Los Angeles area on Nov. 11-12:


Oct. 10 – cont.

Wanted to share one of the best UFO compilations I’ve seen yet.  Thanks and shout-out to KP (Kauilapele) for finding this!




Oct. 10, 2012

Just a quick note to let readers know that I am working on this issue of why videos seem to be posting only sometimes.  I had not been posting videos since before the Summer began and upon returning to the blog, I’m finding a new challenge in understanding why sometimes the links will post the video for you to watch and other times will only post the link.  For the time being, if the video is not posting I will at least post the link in a “clickable” format.

Thank you all for your patience!


Oct. 6, 2012


I seem to have returned…  from where I’m not entirely sure.  Where am I?  Who am I?  What am I?  Has it seemed lately – or this entire summer – as though this is the state of Being for you?  This seems to be the place I have been inhabiting.

I returned to my home on the East coast at the end of August… so where have I been the last month-and-a-half?

Processing.  Changing.  Healing.  Flailing.  Floating.  Thinking.  Feeling.  And though my personal summer has been life-changing through time spent with my Dear Mother and Precious Sister, I suspect from what I have continued to observe in the World, it has been similar for so many now.

For you, has it been difficult?  Has pain visited your Heart?  Has illness revved up in your physical vehicle?  Has challenge been overwhelming?  Have you been presented with sorrow or heartache?

It seems so many of us now are finding things presenting themselves in our Lives that are changing us.  At a very deep level.  And these changes and transitions seem, at times, to render some of us speechless accompanied by immobilization and incapacitation.  Has this been your experience?

For some, it has been – from my observation – the opposite:  Rather than speechlessness, a loud railing of expression.  Rather than immobilization, a high-energy acting out without thought.  Rather than a quiet processing, a screaming Soul-based plea to understand.

I myself am still – for lack of a better word – processing.  Quietly.  Feeling changes inside that I don’t in every Moment understand.  So, for those of you that have continued to check in here, finding very little new, this is the best I can explain my Silence the last few months.

Let me share that my incredible Mother has rehabilitated, recuperated, Healed and has re-entered her Life as she knows it with absolute Gratitude and gusto!  I have immense Gratitude to all out there who so Lovingly sent Prayers, Light, and Healing to my family this summer.  I cannot yet put the words together to share with you the Gifts and experiences she and I have shared this year.  They have been amazing:  Joyful, Painful, Growing, Discovering, Renewing.  I have discovered such incredible things within both my Mother and Sister that – I am sorry to admit – I had not fully recognized before.  The strengths, the vulnerabilities, the human-ness, the Compassion, the intelligence, and the True Spirit of these Loved ones.

And through this experience, I have discovered the same within Myself.  I have also discovered this:  I know nothing.  The acknowledgement of this has consequently brought me face-to-face with the Absolute Truth that all answers are found Within.

Such intense Polarities/Dualities we are experiencing at this time… would you agree?

So, let’s keep putting one proverbial foot in front of the other.  Because I do Believe, we will come out the other side fully Intact, so much more than we were before!

With this, I am running out of words for the Moment.  I can only wade back into my Connection with all of you out there… such Beautiful Souls that every one of you are.

One final thought:  We have all seen how the World at large seems to be challenged at every turn now, on a much Grander and accelerated scale.  We can never offer each other too many reminders to reject the Fear, stay in the Love that we truly are, use our Thoughts for only good and stay Peaceful in every Moment.  The Planet and Humanity requires this now.

Believe with me, now in this Moment, that we will see our future exactly as we have Dreamed it.

With so much Love from my Heart to all of you around this Beautiful Blue Planet.



Oct. 3, 2012



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