Full Moon in Taurus Sun in Scorpio

25 degrees, 26 minutes 7:16 am (PST) Sunday, November 17, 2013

This is a deeply emotional and transformative time that is now being intensified by the energy of the Full Moon.  Every emotional planet is somehow being challenged, bringing all of our relationships to the forefront as reflections for us to “win some or learn some” (Jason Mraz).

“Relationship is surely the mirror in which you discover yourself.”
~ Krishnamurti~

The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus, meaning that it loves to be here.  This Full Moon brings gentleness and affection into our relationships.  It sparks our desire to be romantic, express creativity, and to slow down and enjoy nature.  This is a soothing place to be after the impulsive and fast pace of the Aries Moon.  The energy of Taurus can be one of stubbornness and a belief that ‘I’m not stubborn, I’m just right’.  If you find yourself thinking this thought, stop and take a deep breath, and listen to the opposing perspective.  You might be surprised at what you would have missed, otherwise.

The Sun is in the sign of Scorpio.  This is a deeply emotional and passionate sign.  Communication is the key to a successful relationship. However, it is difficult for a Scorpion to talk about their feelings.  Taurus and Scorpio are both fixed signs, meaning that they are not naturally flexible and they like to keep things the same.  With this Full Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio, one way that would support relationships is to take a walk in nature and allow the flow of communication to unfold naturally.

At this same time, there is a T-Square configuration involving the Sun, Moon and Neptune (shown in red).  Neptune is the planet of idealism, dreams, visions, spirituality and possibilities.  Because it is in a T-Square with the Sun and Moon, some unexpected conflicts and idealistic differences may come up. Hidden agendas may be revealed, so they can be addressed and possitive choices can made for the highest good of all involved.

This configuration will also show you where you may be out-of-harmony with your ideals and your true Essence.  It will show you where you have been too sympathetic, with a tendency to enable rather than empower.  Also, watch for a tendency towards ‘victim consciousness’.  Take responsibility for your life and choose to live every moment ‘awake’.


The planet Jupiter is in a Trine aspect to the Sun and Saturn. This supports us in expanding our perspectives and applying spiritual wisdom to our lives.  It is a powerful time to create structures that are in harmony with our inner knowing.

Jupiter is also sextile to the Moon and Mars.  This supports success through taking positive actions to resolve our differences through sensitivity, nurturing and treating others as our family.  This will empower everyone involved to realize their greatest potential.

You can maximize your connection with the energy of this Full Moon easily by taking a moment to close your eyes, take in a few deep breaths and open your senses to the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.

In Love & Appreciation,

Govinda & Janet




Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Moon in Aries Sun in Libra

25 degrees, 45 minutes 4:38 pm (PDT)
October 18, 2013


“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.”
The Buddha

On Friday, October 18, there will be a partial eclipse of the Full Moon. The United States and most of Canada will be able to see the moonrise with the eclipse already in progress. Eastern Canada, Europe and Africa will be able to see the entire event, while eastern Asia misses the end because of moonset.

During a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun, blocking part of the light of the Full Moon and, symbolically exposing the shadow side of our subconscious mind. This is a powerful time to gain personal insights and heal ourselves through processing our emotions. There are many effective methods for accomplishing this (e.g. Reichian Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Feel/Express/Surrender). Find a method that works for you and practice it.

This Full Moon, in the sign of Aries, stimulates our desire to take action, begin new projects and make changes. Because the Moon is in a Trine aspect with the planet Mars, there is a tendency to be highly enthusiastic and emotionally impulsive. Tempers could flare. Be aware of this and consciously choose to respond, rather than react to whatever situation may cross your path.

A Full Moon always opposes the Sun. With the Sun in Libra and the Full Moon in Aries, you might find that you are feeling a bit out of balance or out of harmony with certain relationships. This is a perfect time to check in with yourself and ask, “What emotions are coming up for me, as a result of this opposition?” and “What can I do to create balance and harmony in my life?”

At the same time there is a T-Square configuration involving Jupiter, the Sun and the Moon — shown in red. This configuration represents conflicts in points of view, regarding relationships, legal matters, politics, dogma and philosophical perspectives. Watch for righteous indignation, both in yourself and others. Be still, and listen to the opposing points of view. Just the act of listening could diffuse the situation, because the other person feels heard. Respond from your Heart center and you will be divinely guided as to what to say and do.

Also, there is a Grand Trine configuration, in the element of Water, involving the planets Mercury, Saturn, North Node, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune — shown in green. Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer, and is at the point that connects both the T-Square and the Grand Trine. This represents a key to resolutions to any conflicts – by expanding beyond limitations with sensitivity, nurturing, philosophy, and a sense of family and home. This is about opening your heart to feel and express compassion.


There will be total Solar Eclipse, at the New Moon on November 3. Remember, the period between eclipses is a powerful time of manifestation. From October 18 through November 3, be especially aware of where you are putting your focus of attention, as this will rapidly bring whatever you are focusing on into manifestation. From a Universal perspective, your focus of attention is your point of attraction. If what you are focusing on doesn’t feel good, then it is time to make a change.

The good news is that you can control your point of attraction by first being aware of what you are feeling, then consciously shifting your focus to something that feels better. At first, this might not be an easy thing to do. However, as you continue to practice feeling good, you will get better at it and, by the Law of Attraction, your life experiences will reflect this change by what is being drawn to you.

Note: The teachings of Abraham, through Esther Hicks, is a wonderful tool to help you accomplish this. For more information on the teachings of Abraham, Click Here(Note from EintheMW:   I have provided a different link than the one provided by Govinda due to “Malicious Attack” security issues I encountered when I followed the link.  I have provided a different site linking to this for you to enjoy the Teachings of Abraham.)

Always be passionate about compassion!

In Love & Appreciation,

Govinda & Janet


Star of David Celestial Alignment

Star of David Celestial Alignment begins July 28th at approximately 10:00 pm (PDT) and continues through July 30th at approximately 8:00 am (PDT)

A celestial Star of David is a rare mystical configuration, involving two planetary triangles (Grand Trines) that interlace with one another.  This is a symbol of spiritual integration, connecting Heaven and Earth – as above, so below.

Star of David

One Grand Trine is in the element of water.  The planets involved are Jupiter and Mars (in Cancer), Saturn (in Scorpio), and Neptune (in Pisces).  This represents expanding spiritual awareness, intuition, sensitivity and emotionality.

The Second Grand Trine is in the element of earth.  The planets involved are the Moon (in Taurus), Venus (in Virgo), and Pluto (in Capricorn).  This represents functional, practical and grounded expression of cosmic energy.

This Star of David is a portal between Heaven and Earth and supports us in grounding spiritual energy into matter.  The way to enter this portal is through our Heart Center.

Because Saturn and Pluto are in this configuration, our spiritual power is greatly enhanced.  This is a profound time for setting your intentions for new creations through Spiritual rituals, prayer, dance, music, writing and meditating.

This is a time of miracles.

“Be like a child – clear,, loving, spontaneous, infinitely flexible and ready each moment to wonder and accept a miracle.” ~ Mother Meera ~

There is a Grand Sextile occurring within this Celestial Star of David configuration.

A sextile is a 60-degree angular relationship between two or more planets. It brings the planets that are involved together to work in harmony in supportive ways. The key words are “work”, “service” and “healing.”

This Grand Sextile is functioning as each of the planets at all six points of this Star of David, are in Sextile Aspects (60-degree angles) to the planets at both points, to the right and left of it.

The Planets in this Grand Sextile

Jupiter is Sextile to Venus and the Moon – bringing harmony and expansion to relationships.

Venus is Sextile to Jupiter and Saturn – supporting creative structures that may involve business, artistic expression, partnerships, social events, travel and foreign cultures.

Saturn is Sextile Venus and Pluto – this is a Miracle aspect infusing Source energy with the physical world. This supports structures and partnerships involving Spirituality and healing. This aspect also supports sacred love.

Pluto is Sextile Saturn and Neptune – this supports structures that serve idealism, imagination, visions, dreams, altruism and healing.

Neptune is Sextile to Pluto and the Moon – this supports emotional, family and personal healing. It will give insights into emotional and family matters.

The Moon is Sextile Neptune and Jupiter – this supports emotional healing, improvements in family and domestic matters.

This Grand Sextile is enhancing the Star of David configuration, solidifying and grounding its full potential. It is up to us to take advantage of the opportunities that this profound alignment brings.

In Love & Appreciation,

Govinda & Janet





Full Moon – April 25, 2013

Full Moon/Eclipse in Scorpio

5 degrees, 45 minutes in the sign of Scorpio
Thursday, April 25, 2013
12:57 pm (PDT)

This Full Moon, in the sign of Scorpio, brings intense sensuality, sexuality, depth of feeling and passion.  Ask yourself, “Where is my passion?”  Ignite it, follow it, live it, BE it!  We have the power of the Eclipse behind this Full Moon, expanding and enhancing all of this intense energy.

Three Eclipses in a Row!

Between April 25th and May 25th, there will be three Eclipses – a rare celestial occurrence.  This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is the first of the three.  The next eclipse is a Solar Eclipse at the New Moon (19 degrees, 31 minutes Taurus) on May 9th; and the third is a Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon (4 degrees, 8 minutes Sagittarius) on May 24th.

As many of you may already know, the period between eclipses is a powerful time of manifestation.  During the next four weeks, be especially aware of where you are putting your focus of attention.

“No longer lend your voice to that which you wish to be free from.”  ~ Jewel  ~

Watch your words and thoughts.  Speak only from Love.  Manage your energy. This is a moment-by-moment choice.  This is how to ‘live consciously’.

The energy of an eclipse is repeated every 19 years, and may bring something significant back into your life for review or mastery.  For insights into this, look at any planet in your natal chart that is within 3 degrees of that particular eclipse.  Since this eclipse is at 5 degrees, you would look at any planet, in your chart that is between 2 – 8 degrees.  This planet is a key to that past experience.  The energy of this particular planet provides a clue for you.  For example:  If the planet is Saturn, that could involve something to do with authority, structure, career, commitments and so on.

During this Full Moon Eclipse, Saturn is in an opposition with the Sun, Mars and Venus.  This is a time of possible conflicts in points-of-view, when you will be more aware of differences in values, principles, desires and ways of using authority, power, passion and sexuality.  Take this opportunity to look at your own commitments and structures, and ask yourself if these are in alignment with your Higher Truth. Unconscious programs that are no longer serving your joy, may come up for you to heal. You may be ready to make a change because of your own personal maturity.

You may have issues come up around authority, control and power.

“When it comes to matters of authority, remember: It is better to be your own authority than to follow the crowd, wherever that crowd is being led. Within you is all the insight you ever need to reach wise decisions about every challenge that you ever face. No one on the planet knows more than you about your needs, your situation and your potential to find joy in all of the aspects of your life.  Basically, it all comes down to these four words:  Be your own authority.” ~ Owen Waters ~

“Do not believe anything because it is said by an authority, or if it is said to come from angels, or from Gods, or from an inspired source. Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart and mind and body and found it to be true. Work out your own path, through diligence.” ~ Gautama Buddha ~

At this same time, Neptune is forming a trine to the Moon and Saturn.  This offers insights into complex issues involving our emotional natures, our family dynamics and how they affect our spiritual journeys.  Pay attention to your dreams and spiritual guidance.  The message within the dream may take some time to reveal itself.  Journaling will help you to recognize the meaning of it’s insight, when the time is right.   Spiritual Guidance comes to us in many shapes and forms. When you surrender and allow this guidance, the synchronicity in your life will take off.  Be open and receptive to miracles.

Neptune trine Saturn is a positive celestial cycle that will continue its influence for all of Humanity from March 31st thru September 24th, 2013.  This is a time when Divine Feminine energy naturally infuses into structures that support the creation of idealistic, compassionate and altruistic expressions for Humanity and the highest good of all.

It is also a special time to give more focus to your personal spiritual journey through some form of discipline – e.g. meditation and/or compassionate service.

Everything continues to be influenced by the energies of the Spiritual Gateway that was opened December 21, 2012.  Since this was a planetary shift, EVERYONE is being affected by this profound energy.  No one is exempt!

What an amazing journey we are all on!

In Appreciation & Love,

Govinda & Janet