“The Divine Matrix” – Gregg Braden

Or…Particles and Magnetics; 5-Foot Field of Energy; Divine Field; Consciousness; Knowledge and the Lost Texts/Edited Bible; Language of the Divine Field; the Power Within that Transcends Physics; Healing the Hurt of the First 70 Years; Moving Mountains; Ancient Mysteries; and “Thunder, Perfect Mind”.

Here is an amazing 3-1/2 (approx.) hour seminar/conference from July 2012 that Gregg Braden gave.  I listened to this entire talk yesterday and knew I wanted to share this with everyone.

He takes us on an amazing journey through current science all the way back to the ancient mysteries that continue to be preserved and handed down.  The Gift I got from this is a clearer answer to a question, that I have searched for over the years – as have many others.  For many of us, the idea that our thoughts are more powerful than we’ve been taught, and the Truth that we – literally – create our own reality is not new.  But the missing piece for me has been the answer to the question:  How – specifically – do we put this into practice?  How do we fully embrace this Truth and be able to direct and determine – very specifically – the pieces of reality that we create?

This video provided that answer for me, as I hope it will also do for you.  My critique is that it is worth every single minute!  I may be biased, since I have felt for a long time that there are few scientists who have the ability to clearly explain the science of our Spirituality and power as well as Gregg does.

We must make Peace, once and for all, with the unacknowledged Power inherent in each of us.  The natural Power to give ourselves and the World every Joy and Happiness that we all imagine as a Possibility.  It’s right here, in the space of Now to access.  What Gregg helps us understand in this video is suddenly so clear and simple: “The feeling is the Prayer.”

(My confirmation that I must share this happened through a quote Gregg used during the talk. I had planned on using my #1 favorite quote from Sufi poet, Rumi for today’s “Daily Inspiration.” Hearing Gregg refer to this, I took this as Guidance to pass this wonderful video on to readers.)

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

~ Rumi ~

I wish for all of you the discovery of new Realities.  And I wish for all of us a new World, a new Planet that we can, together, manifest in the blink of an eye.  Let’s complete this Evolutionary process together and remember… remember… the Powerful Beings we truly are.   The Divine Field of Consciousness and Compassion awaits our Return.