“The Divine Matrix” – Gregg Braden

Or…Particles and Magnetics; 5-Foot Field of Energy; Divine Field; Consciousness; Knowledge and the Lost Texts/Edited Bible; Language of the Divine Field; the Power Within that Transcends Physics; Healing the Hurt of the First 70 Years; Moving Mountains; Ancient Mysteries; and “Thunder, Perfect Mind”.

Here is an amazing 3-1/2 (approx.) hour seminar/conference from July 2012 that Gregg Braden gave.  I listened to this entire talk yesterday and knew I wanted to share this with everyone.

He takes us on an amazing journey through current science all the way back to the ancient mysteries that continue to be preserved and handed down.  The Gift I got from this is a clearer answer to a question, that I have searched for over the years – as have many others.  For many of us, the idea that our thoughts are more powerful than we’ve been taught, and the Truth that we – literally – create our own reality is not new.  But the missing piece for me has been the answer to the question:  How – specifically – do we put this into practice?  How do we fully embrace this Truth and be able to direct and determine – very specifically – the pieces of reality that we create?

This video provided that answer for me, as I hope it will also do for you.  My critique is that it is worth every single minute!  I may be biased, since I have felt for a long time that there are few scientists who have the ability to clearly explain the science of our Spirituality and power as well as Gregg does.

We must make Peace, once and for all, with the unacknowledged Power inherent in each of us.  The natural Power to give ourselves and the World every Joy and Happiness that we all imagine as a Possibility.  It’s right here, in the space of Now to access.  What Gregg helps us understand in this video is suddenly so clear and simple: “The feeling is the Prayer.”

(My confirmation that I must share this happened through a quote Gregg used during the talk. I had planned on using my #1 favorite quote from Sufi poet, Rumi for today’s “Daily Inspiration.” Hearing Gregg refer to this, I took this as Guidance to pass this wonderful video on to readers.)

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

~ Rumi ~

I wish for all of you the discovery of new Realities.  And I wish for all of us a new World, a new Planet that we can, together, manifest in the blink of an eye.  Let’s complete this Evolutionary process together and remember… remember… the Powerful Beings we truly are.   The Divine Field of Consciousness and Compassion awaits our Return.








The Field, Miracles and Heart Emotions

It was proven scientifically years ago that our Thoughts create the Reality we see around us.  It has also since been proven that the Emotion we place behind these Thoughts assist in our ability to Co-Create.  The first time I was introduced to these theories was through Deepak Chopra.  Since then, I have become a fan of Gregg Braden with regard to these same discoveries.  As you can see (and hear) in the videos shared below, Gregg Braden can be very “lay-person” friendly in his ability to explain these things to us.  (Not to say that Deepak Chopra is difficult to listen to by any means!)

Do you Believe you can change the World around you with Emotions?  Do you Believe that what you think and feel can have an effect on the outside World?  Or even your own body and health?

In the second link below from the Coast to Coast AM radio program, as you will hear, Gregg Braden tells us that our Ability to do this creates what we perceive as Miracles.  Have you ever been witness to a Miracle manifested from focused direction of your Thoughts or Emotions?  Have you ever experienced being part of a group that released focused Intent through Prayer, Visualization, or Meditation?

I do believe, without any doubt, that this is so much easier than we realize.  And I believe if we understood that we, as Souls inhabiting Human vehicles, have this Power to Create, we could truly and literally change our World in very little time.

Gregg talks about some fascinating things in the first video below regarding our Hearts and the Emotions we express from our Hearts.   Our Hearts and Brains, as we know, contain and emit electromagnetic Energy that can be measured.  But as you will hear in the video, according to Gregg, our Hearts put out up to 5,000 times more magnetic Energy than our brains do!!  Just ponder for a Moment what an incredible statement that is…

So this would tell us that our Emotions have much more Power than even our Thoughts to affect the outer World around us.  You will hear Gregg talk about the initial observations that led to this understanding – and in fact, what the date of 9/11/01 did to affect the magnetic atmosphere of the Earth!

I believe many people are discovering this information and Knowledge about the personal Power we have to literally Create the World we desire, and when we come together in this understanding for a common Intent, we can change something before our very eyes.

I saw an example of this many years ago when there were terrible fires raging in the state of Florida in the U.S.  Through the Art Bell radio show (the original show and precursor to the current Coast to Coast AM show), many listeners decided to focus on the state of Florida and envision rain over the fires.  It had not, at that point, rained for quite a while in the area, and the fires were spreading out of control.  Art Bell asked his listeners to focus, envision, or even draw pictures that would help concentrate this focus.  In the same 24-hr period, countless numbers of people around the World were focusing this way. (the Art Bell show, and now the Coast to Coast show is international so listeners are scattered everywhere throughout the Planet)

Within hours of this focused group endeavor, rain clouds opened up over the area and the fires were soon brought under control and extinguished!

This can certainly be perceived as a Miracle!  But is it a Miracle as far as what we have the Sacred Power to accomplish?  I don’t think so – I think this will be a significant aspect of our Evolution together, to realize our True and Inherent, natural Power to Create.  To Create anything we desire.  With nothing but the Connected Consciousness – whether with each other, or the Divine Field – we can Heal everything, repair everything, bring Peace to every situation and make this the Earth that we have only, till now, Dreamed about!  It is time for us all to realize that this is one of the Holiest secrets that has been kept from us for too long.

It is secret no more.

According to Gregg Braden’s numbers in the first video, it would only take approximately 8,000 people around the Planet, focused on one Intent, to immediately change any condition we desire, anywhere.  Could it truly be this simple, this elementary to stop every war and all the suffering that is currently raging on our Planet?

Test out your natural Soul-based Gift to do this.  Heal your body.  Heal your Loved ones.  Let’s bring Peace to every tormented area of our Beautiful Planet.  Let’s Create the Eden that we have been Promised.


10-minute video of Gregg Braden:

3-hr Coast to Coast AM radio show from 2008:




Science and Technology may be a category that is deeply passionate for many readers.  Some might find equating science in the same sentence as passion to be a dichotomy.  We can’t deny that many true scientists are QUITE passionate!  However, those who believe all answers are to be found in a premise of science, are less able – in my mind – to consider that maybe science doesn’t in fact, provide every particle of Truth.  More simply stated:  That possibly everything we believe to be true might not be the real truth about everything.  It is just accepted as fact, unchangeable fact.  But is it possible that the science we learned through our educational years, whether basic science or advanced study, is a wavering truth just waiting for us to make the next discovery?  In the past year, even Einstein’s theory of relativity has been re-evaluated and some believe that it may in fact, be incorrect!  Blasphemy, right?!  But is it possible?

At this point, let’s accept that some aspects of science are fact and we’ve made accurate discoveries and determinations in certain areas.  But let’s look at some areas that, even the most  impassioned scientific mind (I refer to the non-expert scientific thinkers out there) should consider.  These are the areas most people don’t choose to pursue deep study in e.g. space/time continuum theories, time relative to mass/density, quantum physics, or even a more basic question – does time even really exist?  Or is time a concept humans have taught as truth simply in an attempt to make a measurement of the infinite moments that follow moments, without ending.  Was the theory of “time” actually created for no other reason than to measure and document what has passed?  Was the theory of “time” actually created for no other reason than a method of control for masses of people?  These are certainly questions worth pondering, even for the most die-hard scientific mind.  So let’s look at the concept of time.  In a most basic definition, what is the answer to the question “What is Time?”  It’s not the clock or watch… it’s not the schedule or meeting agenda on your desk… it’s not a number or set of numbers…  Take a moment here, and stop all thoughts, and simply ask yourself the question “What is time?”  Is time an event?  Is time a number?  Is time a control?  Is time physical?  Is time just an idea?  Maybe this is the key:  that time is nothing more than an idea.  An idea that allows us to measure sequences of events, and apply labels (such as year, hour, or a specific day in a year) for no other purpose but to categorize.  In this categorization we are then able to recall events, memories.  But is it an absolute necessity to have this categorization as a tool to recall something?  If so, then our very minds must have some type of timekeeping system built-in to file these things.  I don’t believe our minds are that limited.  And that is my point:  Time is limiting.

Taking this thought further then, if we remove the tools for measuring time (clocks, calendars, etc.) WHEN do events in our lives actually occur?  (stay with me here)  Does an incident occurring this afternoon actually occur today?  Or can it actually be occurring a week from now?  Or in the past?  Crazy-thinking, huh?!  Is it possible all events actually occur now, in this moment?  But if you remove the tools for measurement of time, then what are you left with – only the event.  Is time actually a flowing concept that is not built with the rigid parameters we define it with?  The obvious next question would be, “at what moment/where am I actually existing right now?”  This is the kind of mind exercising that all of humanity will be faced with and required to do in 2012!

For me, this then brings to mind an attempt at critical-thinking regarding multi-verses.  If you have not heard this term, it means simply the existence of other “universes.”  No, I don’t mean in terms of the ‘heavens’ but rather universes as realities.  Events in our lives are all connected, each action creating a resulting reaction.  This of course, is basic science.  I’ve not yet read this theory is debated; it is a physical law of the universe according to science.  Every action has a resulting equal and opposite reaction.  (though this takes my mind to the discussion of polarities, and duality-thinking; another post for a later time!)  I see this as every action we take creates another, like dominoes.  Stop for a moment and look at any given period of your life; if you look at each event/action, you can see an event after that would not have happened if you had not taken the action that began the domino effect of events in which it resulted.  So, in a given situation where you may have had two choices available, what if you had chosen the other action?  It seems logical that this then would have resulted in a different set of dominoes, giving you a picture of a much different personal reality – or personal universe – that would have resulted.  A different chain of events that would have taken a different road in the life you know.  If thought energy manifests reality (which has already been proven by quantum physics) then what happened to the created reality resulting from the thoughts about the possible choices you had?  Are there then other ‘universes’ of reality – or multi-verses – that actually exist unseen right along side the life scenario we actually ended up experiencing?

I believe, without any doubt, this is one of the amazing ideas we will be presented with in 2012, among many other revelations (though I believe we will become more familiar this year with the words dimensions or dimensional reality).  That we may live in the middle of only one reality of dimension, among many others already created.  If this is true, then the ponderings about what time really means become significant, especially related to past, present, future.

This is simply an example I offer you of critical thinking.  A precious ability we all have, that is clearly being taken away from the students in our communities attending early schooling or even, sad to say, in our higher educational institutions.  Our “educational systems” have become perversely rigid and now seem to operate on a premise of “don’t think about it… just listen to what I say and assume it as truth.”  It’s time to become critical thinkers again, in our own right.  Any one of us can be the discoverer of the next great piece of knowledge that transforms our reality, our communities, our world.  I don’t know where the law is written that only researchers and scientists, teachers and professors, etc. will be the only holders and purveyors of Truth.  We all have Truth about many things contained within us already.  We must begin to reject the idea that we cannot access the truth inside of us, and start questioning the truth that is taught with rules.

2012 will be the year of humanity’s consciousness raising.  Our entire global family will be ascending from 3rd dimensional reality into the 4th dimension and it will be a new day for all of Planet Earth!

For people who feel that “time” seems to be speeding up, accelerating,  it’s OK to let go of any fear that might create in you that Life itself seems shorter.  It’s not necessarily shorter, but rather, TIME IS IN FACT SPEEDING UP.  Two timelines (possible realities, or universes?) are actually coming to a ‘point’ and meeting at their apex this year!

Something big IS about to happen… all credit for the following video please give to Gregg Braden, internationally renowned pioneer in bridging science and spirituality, and best-selling author.


You can learn more about Gregg Braden and his work by visiting his website.