Spiritual Dynamics

Alone In A Crowd

by Owen K Waters

The Christmas and New Year’s Holidays are often a time of gathering together for friends and relatives. The holidays can also be a time when spiritually-aware people feel a certain aloneness, even in the midst of a crowd.

It helps to know what can cause such a sense of loneliness, and why it affects spiritually-aware people more so than others. Your outer personality is designed to focus upon the five senses and upon the experience of the outside world which those senses deliver. Your purpose here on Earth is to experience being an individual, and that is exactly why a sense of isolation can occur, especially during the holidays.

Just as each snowflake is unique, so is each person. Your primary purpose in life is to experience life from one individual, unique point of view. You are an expression of Infinite Being as it experiences itself from all possible viewpoints.

Because we are all connected within, we need to take a moment to go beyond the separated appearance of a room full of individuals and recall the inner connection that we share with the people around us.

Recalling that inner connection is not hard. At night, in the deepest level of sleep, you reconnect with your soul family and thrill at the union you all share. Soul families consist of people who resonate to the same ‘musical’ tone of consciousness as each other. Each person has a signature tone of consciousness which represents who they are.

When you meet people in your soul family at night, you know them by the unique signature tone of consciousness that radiates from them. It doesn’t matter how their spiritual body appears to your sense of spiritual vision, you know them by how their unique consciousness signal, their ‘signature tone,’ feels to you.

Each person belongs to a primary group of soul mates which, typically, numbers somewhere around eight souls. This primary group vibrates in close harmony with other groups which, in turn, vibrate in close harmony with still more groups. The number of people in an extended soul family can easily stretch to two thousand or more individuals. Among these, especially the closer ones, are the people that you interact with in meaningful ways as you pass through life on Earth together. In fact, you plan your life as a soul before you begin your life so that you can arrange to meet significant friends who will help you through significant events and experiences in that life.

Part of your consciousness lives with the pure essence of your soul family all the time, not just at night when the main focus of your attention rises through the spirit realms to meet them. It is your awareness of that soul family-connected part of yourself which makes you yearn for the close community that you experience in those other realms of consciousness.

The holidays are a good time to remember that, no matter how different people appear to each other through their surface personalities, deep down we are all one.

Feel the connection. Feel the love that binds all of life in this universe together, and remember that, in the ultimate reality,

We are all One. We are all aspects of Infinite Being.





Spiritual Dynamics

Spiritual Growth, Vitality and Wellness

“The Spiritual Age”

by Owen K. Waters

The Spiritual Age is not just another age to be documented in the pages of history books.

The Spiritual Age is a quantum leap in the evolution of humankind.

There are 12 distinct stages in the evolution of human consciousness: six material stages followed by six spiritual stages. Once a person shifts from the material tier into the spiritual tier of evolution, everything changes. The old rules no longer apply, and the ways of the new reality have to be understood and acted upon.

Imagine the radical change that a butterfly goes through in its transformation from an earthbound, limited chrysalis to the joyous freedom of a butterfly. Likewise, a radical transformation occurs when humans move into the spiritual stages of their evolution.

When you enter the realms of spiritual consciousness through the gateway of the heart, you begin to understand that love is more important than money, power, fame, or any of the other entrapments of material life.

Upon moving into the energy of unconditional love, it becomes clear that helping others is the key to success in life. Your viewpoint of life is expanded, just as the butterfly sees more from its position above the ground than it ever saw before while earthbound.

Once a person has gained an understanding of the expanded realm of the heart, they are free to move on to the next stages of spiritual consciousness. Inspiration starts to flow. Knowing comes to the fore. Intuition is your daily guide and helper as the wisdom of your soul comes forth to help you succeed at all your efforts in life.

With soul communion comes the blissful joy of spiritual consciousness. With that blissful joy comes inner peace and the lifting away of all the cares of the world. This is reality. This is the state that God always intended for you to discover so that you can live and love in the light of soul consciousness and become a fully-empowered spiritual being.

Your birthright is love, light, and the laughter that springs from spiritual joy.

In the future lie the final stages of spiritual development. The human journey from caveman to cosmic consciousness is one where relatively unconscious, disconnected individuals search until they discover the road back to the place from which they came. The unconscious human learns enough about life to eventually return to the embrace of God as a conscious god, fully empowered with the love and wisdom which springs from the divine source of all life.



Spiritual Dynamics Newsletter

“Cosmic Connection”

by Owen K. Waters

As your awareness grows spiritually, it rises in frequency. Each step that enhances soul awareness brings with it a more expanded viewpoint of reality.

Humanity today is processing the mind-expanding concept of life on other planets. Every step in that direction is met by small-minded resistance and skepticism and, yet, those steps keep being taken by those who dare to venture away from the parochial view of our tiny planet being the only one that matters in the whole universe.

As of July 2013, NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler telescope has provided data for astronomers to estimate that tens of billions of Earth-sized planets reside in our Milky Way Galaxy. At least 500 million of those planets orbit in the not-too-hot, not-too-cold zone where life as we know it could exist.

And, that’s just in our galaxy: The universe contains over a hundred billion galaxies!

Bear in mind that this estimate of life-friendly worlds is still limited by the concept that life can only exist in bodies just like ours. The idea that intelligent life could be designed to operate in other environments and at different temperature ranges hasn’t yet entered into the picture, so the actual possibilities must be much greater than this early estimate.

Furthermore, all of the above relates to physical humans in this third-density layer of existence. But, what about other densities of existence? Physical humans can live in the lighter realms of fourth density as well as in our current, third-density existence. On Earth, we have been working through third-density experience and using the fourth-density world only as the place we go to in the afterlife. That is about to change.

The greatest change of The Shift will be when the earth “rises in the heavens” and we all shift into a fourth-density frequency of physical existence. Things will still look the same after this frequency shift, although consciousness will be seen to have a more noticeable influence on reality. So, let’s not discount the existence of physical life in fourth density on any of those 500 million or more planets.

A view that encompasses a populated universe rather than just one planet would also explain the mystery of where all the souls alive today have come from. Where did all of these billions of souls come from? Today, there are more people incarnate on earth than the sum total of all incarnations in all of recorded history, so we’re getting extra people from other places, and a lot of them.

When you expand your viewpoint to a cosmic conception, you can appreciate that The Shift is a wave of ascension rippling through this part of the galaxy. Could it be that, like surfers looking for the next good wave, people have come from other planets to be a part of the action here on Earth?

The truth is that Earth is a ‘happening place’ right now. Incarnating on Earth during the era of The Shift is a huge experience for any soul exploring physical reality anywhere in the universe. Just being a part of the changes that are leading up to the big change is something that gets imprinted in the soul experience of anyone alive today, either in a physical body or in the world of the afterlife.

Let’s face it, we are experiencing an historic ascension wave that will carry us from third density right over the hump into fourth density. So, right now, planet Earth is where the action is!




The Path to Oneness

by Owen K. Waters

Since the dawn of the mists of time, your immortal soul has had one great urge, and that is to reunite with the spiritual source from which you came. Along the way, you have realized that this means reaching out in spiritual service to humankind. Along the way, you have sensed that this giving of spiritual service is the very action which leads you along the pathway back to that from which you came.

By becoming your brother’s keeper in a spiritual way, you become more at one with all people and the source from which we all came. Through service to others, you also serve your own spiritual development. By loving and healing them through the use of spiritual energy, you help the spiritually blind to see the light within, you help the spiritually deaf to hear the whisperings of their souls, and you help the spiritually numb to revitalize their connection with God.

By sending them your love, by sending them your light, by helping them with this precious, spiritual energy of love and light, you heal their hearts, you heal their spirits, you heal their long-suffering souls, and you help them back onto the one great path back to Source, which we all yearn to tread.

That path is the road to reconnection to the Spirit within. That path is the one which brings you into conscious contact with the light within. That path is the reason you are here, the reason you chose to be born into a world where people feel disconnected from that very Source.

The details of how that path unfolds are unique for every individual. We all tread this path in our own way to reach the common goal of reconnection with the flame of the Spirit which shines within our hearts. It is this flame which silently beckons us on. It is this flame which lights the darkness in a world of great suffering. It is this flame which connects our souls to the one Source of all things.

When you go into the silence of meditation, even for a few moments, remember to end your session by helping the world. Dedicate your love and your light to world peace and freedom, then send this out from your heart into a world that desperately needs energy in a spiritual form.

Life energy is everywhere. Spiritually-conditioned life energy is in short supply because few people take the time to condition it with their intentions and send it out to heal the world. Once you condition the energy of life with love and light and send it out to the world, it reverberates within the global mind atmosphere of humanity, healing and uplifting many people. Its higher frequency imbues it with enormous power relative to the regular, everyday thoughts of humankind. The power of spiritual energy is such that it affects, not one, but hundreds of people at the same time.

Every time you send out love and light in dedication to world peace and freedom for all, you help hundreds of people to see life and its possibilities from a higher perspective.

When you intentionally heal the world in this way, you help many people who are not yet consciously aware of how to raise themselves up spiritually. These are people who are relying upon the enlightened vision of people like you, so that they may be helped in taking the next step into higher consciousness. So that they may be comforted and healed. So that they may gain their own conscious inner reconnection to the one Spirit from which they once came, so long ago, in the mists of time.




Spiritual Dynamics

Spiritual Consciousness

by Owen K Waters

Successful seekers of spiritual wisdom share one outstanding common bond. They have all passed through the gateway of the heart into the first of the spiritual stages of human development.

There are twelve stages of conscious evolution designed into our experience as human beings. They range from the basic will to survive all the way up to the ultimate spiritual achievement of cosmic consciousness.

Those twelve stages are divided into two tiers of conscious evolution. There are six stages in the basic tier and six stages in the spiritual tier.

Professor Clare W. Graves (1914-1986) was a social scientist who first identified the basic stages of human development as he observed the characteristics of what we now call the Cultural Creatives movement. He noted that people had entered stage six consciousness in huge numbers – totaling more than 1 in 5 adults at that time – and he also observed many instances of stage seven consciousness.

From a metaphysical perspective, these stages of social development resonate directly with the human chakra system. The key to seeing this correlation is to realize that there are two faces to every major chakra.

For example, the front face of the solar plexus chakra is the lower version of solar plexus consciousness. It relates to stage four consciousness, which focuses on the rule of law, traditional religion, and other forms of authoritarian control.

The higher part of solar plexus consciousness relates to the version of that chakra that faces backward and is connected to the rear of the spine. Its stage five frequency resonates one half-tone higher than stage four and deals with the development of basic intellect, such as mathematical ability and materialistic science.

How the twelve faces of the seven major chakras are configured

Notice that, while the energy vortexes representing the root chakra and the crown chakra are both singular, the other five of the major chakras all face in both directions – front and back.

Solar plexus-based consciousness is the lens that resonates most to the physical, third-density (3D) world in which we live. Stage four of the 12 stages of consciousness is the lower version of 3D consciousness and stage five is higher 3D consciousness.

Now, look at the complete table of the twelve stages of human consciousness. As people – or society in large groups – evolve up the ladder of conscious development, their viewpoints expand to a wider worldview and, yet, they retain all that they have learned from the lessons of the lower levels through which they have already passed.


The Twelve Stages of Human Consciousness and their Related Density Levels

No. Density level Chakra location, facing direction Chakra function Manifestation of the chakra
Tier 1: The Material Tier
1 Upper 1D Root chakra Instinctual Personal survival
2 Lower 2D Sex chakra – front face Emotional – receptive Clan formation
3 Upper 2D Sex chakra – back face Emotional – active Courage
4 Lower 3D Solar plexus chakra – front face Intellectual – receptive Ordered purpose
5 Upper 3D Solar plexus chakra – back face Intellectual – active Achievement
6 Lower 4D Heart chakra – front face Holistic – receptive Caring community
Tier 2: The Spiritual Tier
7 Upper 4D Heart chakra – back face Holistic – active Spiritual awareness
8 Lower 5D Throat chakra – front face Creative – receptive Intuitive development
9 Upper 5D Throat chakra – back face Creative – active Powerful creativity
10 Lower 6D Third eye chakra – front face Higher spiritual – receptive Secrets of the universe
11 Upper 6D Third eye chakra – back face Higher spiritual – active Globally-applied wisdom
12 Lower 7D Crown chakra Universal connection Cosmic consciousness

 (Note: Density levels are sometimes incorrectly referred to as “dimensions.”)


It is of huge significance to the evolution of humanity that so many people today have already entered stage six and stage seven consciousness. It is important because those are fourth-density (4D), heart-centered stages of consciousness and we are preparing today for a physical shift into a fourth-density state of physical existence.

The leading mindset, therefore, is preparing the way for the physical shift which is to come.

Professor Graves was fascinated with stage seven consciousness because he realized that the first six stages formed a set, or tier, of stages and that stage seven was a step into a whole new tier. He called the jump into the second tier of consciousness, “a momentous leap” for humanity.

If you think of stage seven as the step from the basic tier of six stages into the spiritual tier of six stages of consciousness then, yes, “momentous” is a very apt description. No longer is a stage-seven individual wandering around the physical world searching for the lost, hidden truth of existence… they’ve found it!

Spiritual awareness brings purpose to life because the underlying, overall purpose for the human experience is growth in consciousness. When your focus becomes spiritual, you are looking up, directly at the ladder of growth, and no longer looking around for clues as to what life is all about.

The gateway to spiritual consciousness is through the heart.

Once a person reaches stage six consciousness, they are seeing the world through the lens of lower heart-chakra consciousness, which relates to lower fourth density (4D). In this stage, they become more sensitive to the needs of others and think more in terms of the good of the community than in purely selfish pursuits. It is a wider vista of awareness than the narrowly-focused, 3D ambition which preceded it.

Stage seven, the first stage of the spiritual tier of consciousness, is just one short step away. The stage six person is already in heart-centered awareness. They just need to make that short step into upper heart consciousness, into the upper 4D awareness of stage seven, and the connection with higher levels of consciousness opens right up.

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