Is something happening on our planet?  Is something bigger than we can explain, waiting right around the corner?  No one would disagree we are in a period all over the world that seems exciting, frustrating, logical, out-of-control, passionate, disconnected, at moments incredibly abundant and at times scary.  I believe we are living dead center in the middle of what will turn out to be one of the most remarkable periods  in our planetary history.

Look at the symptoms of this in the news you read and listen to every day.  Homeowners walking away from underwater mortgages, taking back their sovereignty from situations where people with way too much money exploited their dreams; a resurgence of the protest/civil demonstration consciousness that we saw work so hard in the 60’s;  uprisings in countries around the world, whose societies many of us do not fully understand, screaming in the streets “Enough is Enough!” and even giving their lives for this.   Small pockets of people around the world simply making the choice to leave the “system” and discover self-sufficiency again.  Justice being carried out with mass arrests beginning around the world to require the perpetrators of every painful condition to finally answer for all these situations and crimes.  And yet, many of us still are unable to clearly define what exactly is happening.  But we all seem to agree:  SOMETHING IS HAPPENING!

The world we inhabit today, in 2012, seems to be a well-balanced combination of increasing open-mindedness, and increasingly narrow thinking.  We struggle against the dogmas that powerful players seem to reinforce in our societies more and more each day.  People are experiencing the soulful contradiction of  getting caught up in dogmas that are fed to us while at the same time desiring deeply in our beings to break out of the dogmas and think for ourselves again.  And think for ourselves again is something we can accomplish! 

Most of us, everywhere around the world, seem to have this same sense, filtered through our own individual perceptions, and at the same time, the majority would be in agreement with one simple changing reality:  That SOMETHING IS GOING ON!  Something is happening.  Many would admit to a sense of waiting, anticipation.  For some of us, “it” is incredibly exciting though we still have a limited perception that prevents us from clearly defining what “it” is.   

So, most of us would be in agreement that something is going on.  How do we know that?  From our TVs, computers/internet, newspaper, word of mouth.  But each of us, learning within our limited group of resources, will have a tendency to espouse what we read and hear as the “facts”, solely based on our previous historical beliefs about said “facts.”  For example, if one is interested in politics, chances are very high (in these volatile times) that person has chosen a ‘side’ to agree with, so will watch TV news and politics shows, read the internet political articles only of interest to their already chosen views.  Thus, in our perceived learning and education, we are actually participating in a knowledge oxymoron:  Claiming to learn the truth while continuing to get that truth from agencies that work to specifically NOT provide the truth.  No political news show, whether it be Republican/Conservative FOX News or Democrat/Liberal MSNBC, is reporting the truth anymore!  Is this too impossible to consider?  Well, consider it we must.  So that leaves us, open vessels to start sifting through what is told to us, to find the Truth.  The Truth about what is happening on this beautiful Blue Planet called Earth.  We, ultimately, are not citizens of the country we live in, but rather Citizens of the Planet, all in this together.  The Energy in the world is clearly indicating a coming together of people everywhere who feel they’ve given up enough!  Certainly the creation of the Internet has brought us together in a way that we have never experienced in earlier generations.  I think it is time that we endeavor, together, to stop using this tool to hurt each other, and see this tool for the gift it can be:  A unifying forum that brings us together, and begins to dismantle the Duality Thinking that we have all been convinced is simply the way Life is; make no mistake, the Duality Perspective of humans on Earth has been fed to us, carefully and with intent.  The time of “Us vs Them” is coming to an end. 

And to that end, my hope is that we can unite and search for the genuine Truth of our Reality, together.  To encourage each other to stop accepting the dogmas of our world without thinking twice.  To encourage each other to start thinking for ourselves again in unity and Divine strength.  We all have our strong opinions about one thing or another, but ultimately, don’t all those opinions bring us back to solid Truths that become our meeting point in the world?

There is something else happening too.  Something that can be defined more easily and that is that, while each day searching for understanding of our current world, people seem to be becoming more compassionate, more kind, more helpful.  More Loving.  If one looks at our resources for news, there are also many stories (sometimes with a little digging) that indicate what can only be described as some sort of Wave of Love going around the world.  When have we ever before seen groups of people in different parts of the world simply standing out on public streets, holding signs that offer “Free Hugs?”

My hope for Evolution in the Milky Way is that I can offer words, insights, and thought-provoking perspectives that help each of us take off our blinders and see our world, not only as it really exists, but envision what it can be.  Idealistic?  Maybe.  But true idealism is what has always changed our world for the better.  Idealism AND Action.  I hope that we can learn from each other through comments and feedback.  Let’s welcome a new perspective that reminds us this entire Planet is our home.  And at this point, our home needs a major housecleaning and new coat of paint!  We are all responsible for maintaining our beautiful and beloved Home, because like it or not, this is where we live together!  I know we can do this together.  I Love this Earth with its myriad of cultures and minds and hope to encourage others to see the Beauty out there, not the ugliness that seems to permeate all the resources we use.

I believe we all have one thing in common:  The majority of citizens in the world are quickly, in unison looking for answers to the questions we are only now daring to ask.  We are, more and more, doubting what we’ve been taught is the “truth” about our communities, cities, societies, countries, systems, and the planet as a whole.  We are looking for the “right answer.”  The truth in any given situation.

In light of this deep desire in all of us to know the Truth, that is what 2012 will be all about.  You need to be genuinely, deeply and with courage, ready for the Truth.  Many believe the year of 2012 will simply be the end, right?  The Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012 so many believe the world and life on Earth will simply come to an end; faithful Christians are waiting for Jesus and Judgement Day; some are simply waiting for and certain of a catastrophic cosmic event (asteroids, etc.) that will simply end our existence.  Oh, this year will certainly be one like we will never forget!  Let’s remind ourselves of the true definition of the word Apocalypse:

“An Apocalypse (Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis; “lifting of the veil” or “revelation”) is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted.”

So based on this definition, Apocalypse is NOT Armageddon.  If this is the year of the Apocalypse, then it will be the year of Truths being revealed, of all secrets being revealed, and the time all of us will discover the true Nature of our Reality on this Earth.  It will definitely be the year of all secret governments being exposed, of the tyranny being committed against everyone on Earth by those who believe in the dark definition of New World Order, finally being revealed and brought to Justice.  And from my perspective, the Apocalypse is NOT something to be feared, but rather something to be celebrated!  The Apocalypse is not something that will be the end of us all, but rather the beginning of a Divine and Peaceful time on Planet Earth!

Disagreement with each other at times, does not make it impossible to reach the Truth of things together.  Disagreement can be a tool that actually gets us to the answers.  BTW, don’t be fooled by the news reporting from Washington, D.C. (or wherever you picture the seat of government in your country) that the politicians are in disagreement on almost everything in an attempt at conversation of any kind.  We must let go of that fairy tale – and if they can’t change our world for the better, then who is left to do that?  US!!  The Powers that Were are simply performing in an endless production for us, as long as we continue to be an attentive audience.  It’s time for all of us to get up and leave the theater!

Let’s look for the Truth together.  Let’s see if there is more Truth about our world today to be discovered.  Let’s compare what we hear or peruse on a daily basis and sift through the information.  Let’s assume we have the right, and obligation to ourselves, to always question what we are told – by the internet, the TV, and each other.  Let’s go on a mission with this blog, to find the shape of Truth that resonates in our ‘guts’ and hearts, that fits reasonably and logically in our minds.

My humble mission for this blog is to nudge readers to consider and/or learn one more thing than they did yesterday and to question what we’re told if it doesn’t fit.  The tool to accomplishing this is the understanding that what we believe, shapes what we see as the truth about our world.  WHAT WE BELIEVE SHAPES WHAT WE SEE AS TRUTH.  Let’s educate ourselves and learn what the shape of Truth looks like together.

And this is the most signficant thing we can do together: Question everything that the Powers that Were are labeling as truth.  Belief is our Sword; if we continue to believe the conditions in our world are getting worse, then guess what?  They will!!  And we’ll just end up slicing off our own toes!  If we can begin to use our Sword of Belief to stretch the realm of possibilities that might very well exist outside our dictated perceptions of the world, than Belief will create that Truth to be discovered.  Belief in something bigger and never considered before, will create a new Truth.

I thank any and all readers in advance for your patience and understanding as I venture into new territory with this blog.

If you are a new reader, Welcome!  I hope that you learn one new thing today.  And I hope you will come back to learn more.  If you have become a regular visitor, welcome back!  And to all new guests and old friends, strive today to pass on to someone one new viewpoint to consider!

From my Heart to yours,

I wish you Love, Knowledge, Truth and Happiness




  1. I’m so glad I found your blog. My husband and I are so connected to these energies and getting to learn so much in the last 7 years. I’m a Reiki Master/Teacher and the more I learn the more I know that I don’t know anything! LOL We still have so much to understand and I’m amazed with everything that is happening in our planet. I send you Love and Light and I thank you for sharing your knowledge and awareness. Blessings to you! 😉

    • My Heart shines reading your beautiful words. I hope each of you is filled with new knowledge and information everyday! I thank you for sharing your Healing gift with the world, and for realizing the true Being you are as a channel of healing Energy. We are certainly coming into our true Essence as a Humanity, and learning each day – together – how much there is still to discover! I hope you return to visit!
      Wish you Love, Light and Laughter

  2. This is a good first episode, Hun! Lays a lot of groundwork and foundation for what’s to come. Events do seem to be accelerating toward some sort of break point or new phase of our development. I tend to agree with Dr Michiu Kaku, the well-known physicist, who believes we are transitioning from a type 0 civilization which is locally based to a type 1 which is planetary, and eventually on to a Star system based and then galactic, and finally Universal society.These are the birth pangs of something finer, something greater, for the Human Race. If we can survive the final days of our infancy, overcome the fear of change that leads to so much resistance, we may soon learn to walk among the Stars, where our True Destiny awaits.

    • Wow… well said, Russ! And I am grateful for the name and the nudge, which has prompted me to look more into Dr. Kaku’s work… I have heard his name more than once but admit I have not read up on his work. This is a Beautiful thing – that all of us can offer information such as this to help each other search, learn and evolve a little bit further! Thank you for reminding us of other great names out there whose work will just give us more assistance to make this Transitional leap into the future! And thank you for your insightful comment!

  3. Hip Hip Hooray and Wahoo ….There is so much of which I agree with you !
    This is not a time of agression nor of living out of the past, but to Be in in the Present with Truth of Expression. From the design to the written works this is an excellent site…let the words continue to flow ….Happy Congratulations …kw

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