A Little Music to Begin Your Weekend

I discovered “Anahata” several months ago and am finally getting around to sharing some with you.  I thought you might like this short song (about 9 minutes) to begin your weekend.  You can, of course, find more Anahata on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy!




“The Unmade Sound” by Anahata



TED Talks – “Part of Something Larger than Ourselves”

I ran across this video from an article at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/, and was moved to tears (I didn’t find the video on YouTube to post so the link below takes you directly to the article).

It’s an amazing project that truly brings home the sense of our Connectedness around the World…   what Beautiful music Humanity creates together – I think this must be what Angels sound like!



TED Weekends – “Part of Something Larger than Ourselves”



Time for A Couple Oldies…

I decided this is the perfect time on the journey to revisit a couple old tunes… so perfect for the time we’re in now.




“Reach out and touch

somebody’s hand,

Make this World a better place

if you can.”

Aretha Franklin


“Imagine all the people

living Life in Peace”

John Lennon

“Dancing (with God)”

Whatever you Believe your God to be, rejoice this morning in your connection with Him/Her.  Let your Faith today be celebration rather than somber!  Let your Belief be Joyous!  Let your Thanks be a Dance with the Divine!  Feel the Love!


(If the video doesn’t load properly, be sure to copy and paste to listen!)


“Dancing with God” by Shye Ben Tzur