June 2012

June 28, 2012

Time to start getting back to writing – it’s hard to believe it’s only been a little over a month! My reality has been so full, so focused that it seems it’s been more like 2 or 3 months!

I have appreciated the Patience of loyal visitors during this time when I needed to focus my Energies and Presence elsewhere.

So what has gone on in my World? On May 22 I received a phone call advising me that my Dear Mother had been involved in a serious car accident. From that Moment forward, my attention has been in one place only. I immediately (at that time) needed to arrange for travel, etc. so I could be near my Mother as quickly as possible. I have since then been staying at the (almost) opposite end of the country from home. For a period of time, this event in my Mother’s Life was (in hindsight) what some might call “touch-and-go” right after the accident. I am Grateful beyond words that my Sister was able to arrive at our Mother’s side within 24 hours. I was able to leave four days later and have remained at her side since then. My Sister has continued to address issues related to this accident from her home in CA.

At this writing, my Mother has truly amazed all of us with her Strength, Life, Fighting Spirit, and determination. She is doing very well, and I know that so much of that is due to the intense influx of Light and Prayers and Healing coming from (literally) the east coast to the west coast. I have deep Gratitude for any and all assistance that has not only kept my Mother here with us for more years, but is clearly bringing her back to full recovery and independence again!

Talk about independence: She will be 80 in September and on the day of the accident was driving to her weekly Yoga class!!

It has been an indescribable experience that, thus far, I have only been able to observe in Amazement as though from an outside perspective, while being fully immersed in each Moment: The ability of so many in the World – and especially my family – to be able to – without even thinking – drop everything, pull together, and immediately implement what are inherently our own Strengths and “fortes.” Something seemed to “take over” within us and a Guidance propelled each of us forward to address the next Moment in Time and it’s requirements.

Because of this, I have experienced Gratitude, Peace, Empowerment, and great Love at the Miracle of how quickly my siblings and myself have come together to be Present when we are needed. And with so much Love. It seems every step of the way has manifested the most amazing Miracles contained within events just ‘clicking’ into place without any effort and at every turn, whatever has been needed in a given Moment has almost immediately appeared!

So, my Dear and Understanding Brothers and Sisters out there, it has been a period of intense experience, whether on a practical and Earthly level, a Spiritual level, or an Emotional level. I have every intention of sharing more with you as the days pass. I have not, in all Honesty, even begun to fully ‘process’ and understand the growth, lessons, and Miracles that have been a part of this event.

My greatest Joy on this day, today, is that I have finally returned to my great Love – this Blog!! I was astonished at how deeply I have missed my relationship with writing and sharing information with others. So, I make no promises about the regularity or frequency of postings at this time. All I know in this Moment, is that I can begin to re-focus some of my attention.

Having said that, I have so MUCH reading to catch up on!! I have been unable to regularly be online and stay current with either “mainstream” events and news, or any of the “other” news we all share on blogs and sites such as this. So much of my time over the next week will simply be catching up on what’s been happening out there!! I will return as of today to the Daily Inspiration posts, and hope this weekend will see me return to writing Thoughts for the Week – one of my favorites parts of E in the MW!

I will also attempt to get some blog maintenance done over the next week (e.g. organizing the old posts into their appropriate monthly archives).

My Precious Humanity, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters, I am so filled with Joy that I am able to return to writing and sharing with others out there! I have missed you! If anyone feels moved to post a comment, share your Thoughts on anything, steer me in the right direction for updates on events since I’ve been absent, PLEASE follow your Heart and Gift the blog with your words and comments.

Until the next post…

Gratitude and Peace from My Heart to Yours




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