March 2012

March 31, 2012

Good Morning, Humanity!  It’s a Beautiful morning here on the edge of the water.  How is your World today?  Did you awaken with Peace in your Heart?  Did you awaken greeting the day as a new opportunity to be fully in your Life, fully in the Now Moment?

I awakened with the sounds of drumming playing in my mind, and a desire to do something today for the Earth, in addition to participating in Earth Hour this evening.  My personal favorite thing to do is often to simply work in the yard, touching the dirt, touching the Earth.  I do believe that She can feel our Energy even through something as simple as touching her surface.  This is of course, the best tool we have to send Energy into Her Heart.  So simple.

Many years ago I had thought of an idea to honor her… maybe one day a year.  Though I admit I neglected to pursue or share this idea.  Wouldn’t it be pretty cool if for one day out of the year, everyone, everywhere simply went barefoot for a whole day?  As many readers probably are aware, the most wonderful way to help all Consciousness rise a little higher is to stand barefoot on the ground, envisioning Energy going into the Earth, and Energy grounding us, balancing our Chakric system.  To simply envision ourselves as a physical channel for Divine Light and Energy to flow through.  That directed Energy is a Force that is constantly flowing, and I personally believe, having been given this Earth to take care of, having been given this Life journey, this incarnation to experience, we have a responsibility to recognize this Divine Light Energy and to keep it alive.

So, talking about flowing, I also awakened hearing beautiful drumming in my head.  I immediately wanted to find my Brent Lewis CDs… for those drummers out there, you may already know about this talented percussionist.  For those who haven’t heard of him or his music, check out the new offerings in the Music section today.  As a former drummer myself, I had discovered Brent Lewis many years ago and immediately purchased his music (so many years ago, my first purchase was a cassette tape!!).  Drumming?  Not interested?  Believe me, you may find his creations to be unlike what you think of as drumming… and it is in no way “noisy” or disturbing to the Heart or Spirit.  So… I invite you to check that out!

Remember Earth Hour this evening… touch the Earth today and energize Her and yourself.  Enjoy some good music today.  Be in the Air and feel the Sun today… surround the Planet with your Light, Love and Prayers today.  Feel Gratitude.

I must now return to my Saturday morning Blues music… off to make my morning fruit and protein smoothie!



March 31, 2012

It’s March 31, and another opportunity to show our Love for Mother Earth and give the Environment a break, for at least an hour.  Tonight from 8:30 to 9:30 local time in cities around the world, the lights will go out… this year, the Earth Hour campaign is hoping people will participate for longer than that hour.  So take an hour this evening, 8:30 local time wherever you are, and show your Love by turning everything off for 60 minutes.

The link below is an article with a good 3-minute video about Earth Hour.  Let’s all give one hour out of our year for the Environment that sustains and Blesses us every day of the year.

I hope you agree that it’s the right and responsible thing to do.

…just an hour of Peace for our Precious Mother…


March 30, 2012

Apologies to faithful readers out there that I am only now getting to the Main Blog today… what a day it’s been…

Did not retire last “evening” until wee hours of the morning due to listening to the David Wilcock/”Drake” interview.  Wow!  So many things I have to say about that.  But first, I’m glad to see that so many of you have checked it out… this is the information we need to share with people, in an effort to help us all stay rational and calm (and excited and supportive!) when things start happening.

Before anything else, I would like to share with you a couple things that caused my Heart to hurt today.  First of all, for those of you who know who Adrienne Rich was, you may have already seen that she passed away last night.  For those readers unfamiliar with her work… well, I’m more than a little biased about the women writers who did so much to transform life for so many women.  And that is what she truly did… a frequently honored and awarded poet and essayist who wrote about such ‘blasphemous’ things in the 60’s and 70’s as race, women as human beings, sex, same-gender relationships/Love.  At least these subjects were the main focus of so many of her works.  She was also a true anti-war, peace-loving, “anti-establishment” rebel Spirit.  AND a degreed and honored college professor.  She was from the same period as other women writers whose names were often uttered during those times – Alice Walker, Audre Lord, Erika Jong, Gloria Steinem.

Anyway, for those dear Hearts out there who appreciate these kinds of literary genres, we ‘lost’ someone who was significant in the birth of what we now refer to as the Women’s Movement.  If for no other reason, she is truly to be honored for her poetry.  As a poet myself, I felt a period of grieving today for a great woman writer.  But also felt such Joy for her, for she is Home now, and experiencing the Divine space where we are all One.

The other thing that hurt my Heart was seeing the headline about the recent sad incident in Afghanistan – this time within the Afghan army.  The only thought I had when seeing that (I did not read the whole article) was that there is clearly a dark Energy above and around Afghanistan that is creating severe and intense reactions by the people on the ground.  So I immediately thought it was a good opportunity to reach out to readers about unifying with each other in our Hearts and send some powerful prayers and Light to the area of Afghanistan.  The region and the people in that region are clearly feeling the weight of something energetically heavy and dark.  This seems to be resulting in a violent release and expressing that apparently cannot be released non-violently from the Spirit.  This incident, so soon after the last tragic incident, seems to be a clue that is abundantly clear that the Souls in that area need our help

So, I ask any Dear Souls out there that are willing, to say some special prayers for everyone in Afghanistan, regardless of country of origin, ethnicity, culture or anything else.  I believe this is not the time let judgment take hold; this is a time when we need to practice coming together as a Planet of People, an entire Humanity, and help each other in whatever ways we can.  So, I humbly ask for anyone who would care to, to take even 10 minutes today, go into Silence, and meditate on sending the Powerful force of Love out from your Heart to that region.  See that Sacred Light going from your Heart, up into the atmosphere, radiating around the Earth, arriving over the region, and bathing the entire area in Light.  Feel the Love for the people on the ground, see the Light from your Heart Healing, Healing, the Minds/Hearts/Spirits of everyone.  See this Light enveloping the country, gently Blessing and Calming every person there.  See this Light gently flowing down, soaking into the Mother Earth, and raising back up into the atmosphere.  Send Love – all in that region need us to help calm the Energy – regardless of whether they might wear a military uniform, civilian clothes, government suits, or – yes, dare I say – the attire of a member of the Taliban.  Love is for everyone – it is not our place to decide who deserves our Healing thoughts, our Light or the Love from our Heart.

So, now I should probably raise the vibration of this post up a little!

What did readers think about the David Wilcock/”Drake” interview?  Needless to say (since I was up until 2:30 a.m. listening to it), I was hooked early on!!  For those of you that plan to listen later, I would offer my two cents:  The first two parts (1A through 2B) could be put aside if you want to compress your listening time.  The “meat” begins around part 3A – actually if you have the time, I would recommend beginning with part 2B.  However, having offered that to you, I still recommend listening to the entire interview.

The first and foremost thought I was left with was a feeling of Calm.  Before listening, I still had some confusion about certain aspects of what I could only envision would truly transpire.  But now, with many of those gaps filled in, I realize this ‘operation’ that is going to commence very soon in the U.S. has been planned down to every detail, with the safety of all of us – the People – first and foremost in the minds of the Souls that will carry out this mission.  And this conscientious detail in the planning, and the clearing up of some of my confusion, is what gave me Calm.  We will be OK… the ‘good guys’ are clearly going to do their very best to reduce any chaos and reduce the potential level of interruption regarding any of our resources or needs/necessities.  (OK, for those that haven’t listened yet: Have I piqued your interest enough to check it out?)

I also felt it was really brought home to me, more than before, that a significant piece of our commitment, our agreement as Lightworkers or Awakened people who are aware of what is happening, is to provide Strength, Calm and Comfort for others during the times shortly ahead.  We will be OK.  Have no doubt.

Also, I feel like the Courageous Hearts that have chosen to have a career in the military, will – probably for the first time authentically – truly be protecting U.S. citizens.  Wonder if that will be a different experience of Pride (pride in the sense of doing something noble and protective), than when they have obeyed orders to ‘protect’ us by hurting others in the world.  Because they will be not only protecting us, but “saving” us from what we will find out is the darkest Enemy we have ever had.  And as a result, they will also be assisting Humanity, the whole Planet to the next level our Evolution together.

Well, I say, Let’s Commence!!  I do feel Heartened that this history-changing event is soon to happen!!  As “Drake” said, our Golden Age is just ahead now!

Want to let readers know, I did post a new reading in the Channeled Wisdom today, from SaLuSa.  Also, some of you may have already noticed, I added a page to the Menu above for a Video Gallery.  This will be an easy reference to find any videos you’ve viewed and enjoyed without hunting for them.  Hope this helps readers.

I appreciate the audience of Dear Hearts who have read my sharing of thoughts and emotions in my Heart today – I Humbly thank you for your attention, considering my lack-of-sleep rambling!  I hope, more than anything, that the blog is offering you new ways to be in your Life, and new Knowledge that Transforms your Understanding.  We are all learning every day, and together, there is so much more for us to know.

Stay in Love, Stay in the Heart



March 29, 2012

So it seems like a day of good news… in many areas.  It’s certainly exciting to see the Truth being spread farther and wider as each day goes by!

The good news I wanted to get to you right away, if you haven’t already seen is that the ThriveMovement, and Foster Gamble, have decided that as a result of feedback from so many people, and the Blessing of having their costs covered now for producing the movie – THRIVE – they will be releasing this FREE again beginning next week!  I’ve linked the website below for you, which includes a short video message from Foster stating it will be available on April 5, 2012.

Pretending I haven’t already shared my thoughts on this incredible documentary film enough times (!), I think the movie “THRIVE” needs to be shared all over the world!  Next week, I recommend readers visit and download this masterpiece.  And then pass the news to at least one person a day… can you imagine how quickly this could exponentially be shared around the World if we did that?

I just have no words for how exciting things are getting on our wonderful, Beautiful Planet… no words.



UPDATE from David Wilcock: Wanted to let readers know about the post just put up in the “Our World” category (to the right).  I’m very excited and paused my reading of David’s new report to get this out to you.  Be sure and check this out, share with someone else, and feel… feel our peaceful New World arriving as we speak – it’s time to open our arms and Embrace it!  Our World is about to change…



March 29, 2012

Spent some quality time this morning out on the porch, listening to the birds.  The sun had not come up high enough yet, and it was that very peaceful and calm time of morning when all you hear in the air are the birds greeting and waking each other up.  In that picture, it certainly made it easy to be with the Stillness, both inside and outside.  Watching the water, I sense the dolphins have come to visit the bay today, though no visible observances on my part.  I suspect they, too, are enjoying the Stillness and Sacredness in the air (and water!).

Watching the same cormorants spending the morning atop the pilings near the dock, I realized I hadn’t seen any pelicans.  Lately, I’ve noticed there seem to be more pelicans moving about.  Found myself wondering the other day if this is simply an indicator of the time of year in this area, or if the pelicans are actually representing something about the changes around the planet and the Energies coming in.  Would be curious to know if long-time residents here have noticed more pelicans than in past years or if this is normal.

That prompted me the other day to look up the meaning of the Pelican Spirit.  What I found was interesting.  I share a couple excerpts here:

This one is from

“Pelicans remind us to view ourselves as part of the whole. We all grow more when we work together in the spirit of cooperation. Pelican arrives to remind us that there is plenty for everyone. They also speak of the determination to not only survive, but thrive even when odds are stacked against them. If pelican appears to you it may be time to surround yourself with supportive people who encourage you. They also remind you of the importance to want what you have – to make the most of what you have been given.”


This one is from

Pelican as an Animal Spirit Guide

Keywords:  Forgiveness, Cooperation, Release, Adaptability

When Pelican crosses your path:

– Forgive yourself

– Let go of resentment towards others

– Let go of that which ‘weighs you down’, be it material, emotional or mental

Think about Pelican:

They have that large sack with which to fish. They can fish abundantly with it, but know that it needs to be empty to have the freedom of effortless flight. They swallow the fish and empty the water out of the pouch. They know when to let go.

Pelicans know how to adapt to the conditions in which they live. Despite their large size, they are deceptively light. This makes them buoyant and they float effortlessly on the water. And although, they may, at times, have trouble taking off from the water’s surface, they persevere, not allowing themselves to get bogged down in the water. (symbolically, water = emotions)

Call on Pelican energy when:

– You feel the need to ‘lighten up’

– You feel the need to let go of resentment or anger towards another

– You feel overwhelmed and want to rise above your heavy emotional state

– You feel the need to keep your head held high, despite your trials and tribulations

Pelican medicine teaches us:

–That no matter how heavy our burdens, we will always rise to the top

– How to forgive ourselves, by releasing ourselves from that which bogs us down

– How to ‘team up’ with others in harmony and cooperation


For me, I have not sensed in my Heart that they have been bringing me a message.  It’s been more of a reminder for me, by way of their absolute Sovereignty and Strength of Will, their Absolute Beauty in form, the Personal Power they exhibit in flight, yet exhibiting a perfect Harmony between that seeming autonomy and the easy way they get along together, often in pursuit of a common goal.

Do you think this is a reminder for all of us?  Maybe Pelican Spirit is telling us the time is Now to Liberate our Sovereign Spirits by releasing all that is unnecessary in our Beings, and discover how easily we could all get along together, uniting with each other and discover the Heights we can attain together.

Notice and observe the Animals in your Life today… listen, just in case they’re offering something you might need to hear.  If nothing else, be a rapt audience in their Presence while thanking them for that reminder to be in the Moment.  That is their Gift to us.



March 28, 2012

Hard to believe it’s already the end of March!  To say that Time is speeding up seems to be more of an understatement as each day passes!

Have another basketful of items to share today.  Based on the readings this a.m., there is definitely something Happening, Now.  And for anyone who may have experienced… well, just strange moments and periods where your body is affected in a way that is an absolute mystery, with no seeming explanation, this is all part of a new shift in Energy and Vibration/Vibrational Fields that occurred this past week.  Awakened Hearts and Souls all over the Earth are becoming more and more congnizant of the Energy, Light, Love that is needed now, and a willingness to participate in the Uplifting of Earth’s and Humanity’s Consciousness through means available (meditation, visualization, sacred gatherings, etc.).  Seems to me, from what I’ve been perusing, we are, right now, in a time of the next Power and Energy infusion from the Earth, the Divine Consciousness, and directly from the Hearts of Souls that are in-body right now, whether on the Planet or helping us from the Cosmos.  We are in a Surge.  So it’s a good time to be with Prayer, Light, Love and to be Open.  Stay with your Prayers – they are working.  In every Moment, hold the Light and Love in your Heart for all – ALL – on the Planet, whether they are standing in front of you or on the other side of the World; constantly see, picture, the Light and the Energy of Love coming out from your Heart toward them.  And be Open, for these are the times our abilities and Creative Natures will wake up a little more and become more and more apparent each day.  You will experience puzzling moments – did you just hear someone call your name?  what was that you just saw flit by in your peripheral vision?  how did you know what that person was thinking so clearly?  As we continue on with Evolution, don’t be surprised if moments like these begin happening more and more.  For some of us, they have been happening for awhile now.  Do not be bothered by the “buzzing” and vibration you feel and sometimes hear in your body.   Do not be bothered by sleep cycles getting weirder and more outrageous some nights.  Do not be bothered when you notice a food you have always eaten has suddenly lost all it’s appeal and good flavor; do not be bothered if you find, without having planned it, you’re eating much differently, with a greater inclusion of fresh foods in your meal.

These are all part of the Journey of our Evolution and simply indications and reminders that there is a Great Energy being Gifted to and on Earth.

Ran across the following reading this morning from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan that I thought was very good.  So, as always, it must be shared!

Remember, especially because of the intense times we’re in, each time you enjoy or are moved or impacted by a reading, each time you have an ‘Aha’ moment where you learned something new, each time you find a new glimpse of Truth, be sure to pass that Gift on to another that may be ready and waiting in that Moment to receive the words.  The times of limited Knowledge and selective Information-sharing are coming to their end.  We are all going to accomplish this together, Humanity, hand-in-hand, as we go forward into our Sovereignty and True Reality!!

Hope you enjoy the following about the Heart.



Heart Activations by The Solar Light

As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

March 28, 2012


As the vibration of the heart peeks out from the snowy mountain peaks of winter we are asked once again to look at our human heart and see its true value. There are so many flavors of love, for love is a many splendored and flavored thing. Once love has touched you, you are forever changed. Love is movement and seeks to fly on the wind like a seed of hope seeking new fertile ground. Love is constantly evolving, shifting, changing, never staying the same for more than a fortnight. Always leaving an eternal impression that will influence a lifetime. The saying ‘that love beckons and begets love’ is true. For only when there is love in your heart can you reach out and embrace other flavors of love. Some flavors of love are only there once, never to be tasted again; sup upon them with a deep and thirsty heart.

The heart is a sacred symbol. In religious texts the heart had mystical significance, as a metaphor and as an organ. The heart is genuinely believed to have spiritual and divine attributes. Many philosophers and scientists, including Aristotle considered the heart the seat of thought, reason and emotion, often rejecting the instructs of the brain.

Your Heart and the healing of Earth are one and the same, opposite ends of the same rainbow. As 2012 gains momentum and the Sun gifts us with one solar charge after another, parts of the heart that have been closed down due to past sorrow, now awaken with a loud roar. The heart wants what the heart wants, and what it wants at this time in human history is to heal and be clear of emotional debris.

The solar emanations come directly into the human heart as soon as they are birthed on the Sun. Many will feel physical pain as the heart struggles to clear away the heartbreaking remains, like one looking for love letters after a string of tornados have hit. All that was stuffed away in nooks and crannies comes to the surface to be seen in the light of a new day.

This heart evolution is necessary for all of Earth as we move forward in time. Love is the key that will turn the hands of time in a direction that will fulfill the Creator’s desire for mankind. First, one must love all of their good, bad and ugly through the fullness of time, Knowing without a shadow of a doubt it was all necessary. Humans seek peace in every country but it is not until they fully love the creation that they are, that they will ever find that peace. Peace work is exactly that, heart to heart, piece by peace.

Facts About ‘The Heart’

The heart is a powerful generator of electromagnetic energy producing the largest electromagnetic field of any organ.

The heart has 60 times more electrical field than the brain.

The heart field is also a transmitter. Our heart is a biological oscillator that can entrain other hearts even at a great distance.

Both the heart/brain receive and respond to intuitive information, but the heart receives the information first.

Heart rate increases prior to future emotional stimuli. The heart processes emotional events seconds before the body experiences the events.

The heart acts as if it has a mind of its own 60-65% of the heart cells are like brain neuro cells.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan| PO box 217| Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217|



March 27, 2012

Just got this post from Kauilapele’s Blog (through my Mother)… though it’s much more of a personal post than usual, I really enjoyed it.  Thought it was a good reminder of how important it is that we learn to Nurture ourselves as generously as we are willing to Nurture others… how important it is that we learn to be as sensitive to our own changes in Energy and provide what is needed to Balance that Energy.  And if we don’t listen, if all else “fails,” our bodies will certainly communicate the message to us!  Or as Kauilapele says, “the Toe knows…”   : )

So here’s passing it on and sharing it with you…Enjoy!

March 27, 2012

Just ran across this cool UFO video, taken from a passenger plane on 3/25 over the Himalayas.


March 27, 2012

OK, there is much to catch up on here… I have fallen behind in updates for you, and I do apologize to my Dear readers!

I have posted several new things in the Our World category: updates about more bankster resignations from around the World; updates on arrests increasing and – I was happy to read -updates from Ben Fulford sounding like the old Ben again, clearing up some puzzling rumors that were circulating the Internet about him. Also, many new posts in the Channeled Wisdom category that have been coming in.

I have so many thoughts to share on other things today, but want to get the new posts up as quickly as I can this morning.

Also, there is a new Thought for the Week finally. I will also offer an apology to readers who may have relied on that on Sundays. Please understand, that because I am always striving to offer things that might really help someone out there, I do not decide on my own what will be the Thought for the Week, but rather each week I listen for the Inspiration and Guidance through Intuition to know the Words that are needed. This past weekend that Intuition made it clear there is no clock when it comes to Guidance – we hear that Guidance when the Moment is right! So though I don’t clearly perceive the necessity of the delay with that post this week, I can only Trust that today is the day someone out there may benefit. Though in the future, my Intent is to get these posts out by Sunday for you.

Must get to work now!!



March 25, 2012

For those of you that will find yourselves in the Tuscon, Arizona area this coming Tuesday, there will be a free showing of the movie “THRIVE.”  All the information, from Patricia Cota-Robles, is below, along with her thoughts.  As many of you know – and I hope many more will discover – this is an excellent documentary movie about our Reality on Earth, and what has truly been going on, and how the systems of the Planet are structured.  If you can make it to this free showing, I highly recommend it.  This is a must see!!


THRIVE – The Movie

NOTE: THRIVE – The Movie will be showing at the University of Arizona

Tuesday, March 27th, 5:30pm FREE for Students and Faculty and Open to Public

Followed by a Q & A with filmmaker, Foster Gamble, and Visual Effects Director, Goa Lobaugh.

Integrated Learning Center 120

(Center of UA Mall – Lower Level)

Tucson, AZ


by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

“All that is hidden must now be revealed.” That statement reflects a profound Truth that is affirmed by all world religions and spiritual aspirants whenever the end times that we are now in the midst of are discussed. For several decades, sincere and dedicated people have been focusing on everything that is wrong with Humanity and our institutions, and they have used every possible opportunity to tell the masses about all of the negative things occurring on the planet. Their intent was to wake people up from the mesmerized stupor in which so many of us function. The problem is that our thoughts and feelings are creative, so when we encourage people to focus their attention on all of the maladies that are causing Humanity’s pain and suffering, without giving them viable solutions to solve the problems, we just incite fear and anger. This actually feeds and empowers the very maladies we are trying to expose, and it makes everything much worse.

Now, during this momentous year of 2012, the Company of Heaven want us to clearly understand that indeed “All that is hidden must NOW be revealed.” But it is imperative that the viable solutions to the appalling and shocking things being exposed are also revealed. At this very moment, when we are being bombarded with the polarizing misrepresentations of global politics, and terrorized by the saber-rattling of potential new wars it is vital that we step back, take a deep breath, and invoke the Light of God to help us see the bigger picture.

The need of the hour is for us to learn about the clandestine people, places, conditions, and things that have manipulated and controlled us, without being pulled into the fray or overwhelmed with negative emotions. That is easier said than done when we become aware that these things and the people behind them are responsible for a vast number of the challenges we are all experiencing, and most of Humanity’s pain and suffering. However, if we want to free ourselves from this oppressive situation so we can cocreate the patterns of perfection for the New Earth and our New Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love, we have no other option.

We are One with ALL Life, there is no separation. That means that there is no such thing as “us against them.” If we are going to God Victoriously Ascend up the Spiral of Evolution into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of God’s Infinite Light, we must become aware of all that is hidden so that we can transmute it back into Light. Then we will be able to take positive and peaceful action. Together we will clear the way and cocreate a new paradigm that reflects our Oneness and the Reverence for ALL Life. But first and foremost, in order to get to that place, we must detach from the negativity we are learning about and observe what is being revealed to us as an objective observer. Never has there been a more optimum time for us to accomplish that mighty feat.

All is in readiness. At this very moment, there are patterns of perfection from the Causal Body of God that contain practical and viable solutions to our energy crisis, global warming, disease, poverty, aging, hunger, homelessness, war, and every other human miscreation. These solutions are flooding into the mental and emotional strata of Earth and they are registering in the hearts and minds of Awakening Humanity. Unfortunately, there are souls in embodiment who, through greed and the inequitable distribution of money, have been able to suppress the knowledge of these solutions and the corresponding technologies that are available to us NOW. The good news is this unbridled abuse of power is coming to an end. This is not occurring by chance. It is happening because of the tenacious and dedicated work of Lightworkers around the world.

At long last, through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, a very positive tool has been created that is revealing the hidden things that must be exposed in the most positive way and at the same time it gives viable solutions that you and I can participate in that will change the course of history. Timing is everything. It is not by chance that during the monumental year of 2012 this powerful and informative tool is sweeping the Internet revealing shocking things that have been hidden for centuries, and viable solutions that will transform our lives and the lives of every facet of Life on Earth.

I am referring to the movie Thrive. I am not associated with this movie in any way, but I highly recommend it to everyone. I have included the link to the website below. Please listen to the short video of Foster Gamble’s introduction and then give yourself the gift of this 2 hour movie.

As you watch this informative movie remember to stay centered in your heart. Observe the hidden things that are being revealed as a detached, objective observe, and utilize the greatest focus of your attention on the recommended solutions.

After you watch the movie, ask your I AM Presence how you can be the greatest force of positive change in your own life and on the planet. As I have expressed to you many times, I AM deeply grateful for you and your willingness to add to the Light of the World. God Bless You!

This is our time, and through our unified efforts Victory is Ours!

Link to the movie Thrive:

If this link does not work, please copy and paste it in your browser.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is not altered and the proper credit line is included.©2012 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


March 25, 2012

It’s a new week beginning in the World today.  What will this week bring us?  More arrests?  More sightings in the sky?  More waiting…?

It’s a Beautiful day where I am… such a Calm in the air… as though everything is residing in Stillness… Peace.  Each day when I awaken, the first thing I feel is Gratitude; Gratitude for Life, Gratitude for the Beauty of the Earth where I live; Gratitude that am Strong; Gratitude for Love.

I’ve already run across a few things this morning I will share.  The first one,, I thought was a good synopsis of what Eckhart Tolle writes about in A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.  We must remember, our Ego, and the things that keep it alive – anger, rightneousness, judgement, and fear to name just a few – is something we must be able to resist.  In order to resist the Power it seems to have, we must understand better what it is our Egos do, how the Ego controls us and most decisions we make.  This is not to say the Ego is a “bad” part of us… but rather simply put, just a part of us.  Take a look at what the Ego really is:  it is the persona in our Minds that spends it’s entire Lifespan trying to convince us that we are Separate, Alone, Divided.  The tools to accomplish this ongoing sense of isolation are the “second-nature” reactionary thoughts – “I’m better,” “I must win,” “one of us is right so you must be wrong,” etc.

Anyway, I highly recommend Eckhart Tolle’s book and hope you enjoy the above video.

Also, ran across a cool video of Starships from Greg Giles at Ascension Earth 2012.  This video comes from Spain, and came out after one of Greg Giles recent readings about sightings becoming more frequent and obvious now.  Enjoy!!

Lastly (but not insignificant!) this morning, I must express Gratitude to so many readers out there.  Without you – without you – Evolution in the Milky Way could not provide information to someone out there, who is just waiting to hear exactly what they need at exactly the Right Moment.  I am humbled with your feedback and kind words this week!  But it is not me that is providing you with a good read – it is Spirit.  I am simply doing my best to follow my Guidance, Intuition, and Inspiration.  It is all of you who are visiting that are assisting in the Awakening with me.  We are all such Magnificent creatures and Souls and I know we’re going to accomplish this Evolution successfully!!  Some of the comments that have come in are a True confirmation for me that this information must continue to be shared.  To say Thank You seems to fall short next to what my Heart is feeling.

Let’s make this week on Evolution in the Milky Way the week we achieve 1000 hits!!  I never imagined in less than three weeks we would see this!  I am deeply Grateful to all of you and hope we can keep rallying each other as each day goes by to keep the Wave spreading.  We are on the verge of creating a Beautiful New Earth together!!

In Love




March 24, 2012

Something has changed this week… in the last few days… something, in the air… have you felt it?  Not sure what it’s about but it feels positive, filled with Light and a Lightness in the Spirit… have you experienced a sense of “easing up” the last few days?

I believe, without any doubt, this past week provided a new shift in our Evolution, a new level of Awakening… and when it feels Lighter during certain periods, we ought to remember to Love ourselves for that.  To understand we are assisting in this Evolution, we are brightening the Light, and we continue, more and more each day, to infuse more Love into the World.

Wanted to let readers know that yes, I still, each day, look for ways to streamline Evolution in the Milky Way and make it easy to navigate.  You may have noticed there is a new heading above (“Recent Posts”), that will allow return readers to go right to anything new that’s been posted, rather than checking each category for new posts.  Hope this helps.  Also, I have realized there might be a need to streamline the ability to discuss through comments.  I’ve attempted to make sure there is a comments box at the bottom of each page; however, this may not be consistent.  So, a reminder to my Dear Readers, if you feel moved to Comment or begin/continue a discussion on any Posts, all you need to do is is click the “dialogue balloon” at the top right of the post.  The headings above (“Home,” “Main Blog,”, etc.) should still provide you the ability to comment at the very bottom of the page; however, I’m aware these pages are getting very long so will streamline these also.

I hope you have been enjoying, finding a Comfort in, and learning something new to pass on to other Souls through your visits to Evolution in the Milky Way.  Remember, every day we arise is another new Opportunity to expand our Awareness and help another Soul along the way.  Every new day is another day to discover more of the Pure Potentiality available to all of us.

And never forget, Keep the Love going – someone, somewhere is receiving and feeling that Gift from your Heart!



March 22, 2012

You Are God’s New Plan In Action

by Rev. Angela Peregoff

March12, 2012

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust.

I hope that you didn’t stress out as the March winds blew in some magnetic instability last week. It was yet another reminder from the solar brain of our galaxy that we still have an incredible amount of information to integrate into our DNA codes as we ride this Ascension train of change. The sun will play a very active role in 2012 and 2013 emitting magnetically charged particles called coronal mass ejections that soar through space with compelling force to assist us at this pivotal time. The Ascension has movement and since I last wrote the velocity of light increased 17% establishing new growing pains that will lead to great new horizons of harmony and peace.

These large explosions, nicknamed CMEs, within the Sun’s atmosphere release solar radiation that can have a profound effect on your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The gamma rays travel on the solar winds and are the Sun’s way of exciting deep feelings – in other words you get jump-started into processing whatever karmic patterns you need to heal. This current time is a gestalt to allow you to learn these lessons and to confront and remove any remaining energy-viral obstructions to the Soul’s destiny. You know the drill. Before the new You can take hold, the old one has to be stretched and broken a bit. The councils who are directing and advising this planetary ascension experiment can influence us by rearranging the magnetic fields of the Sun which releases a precise charge of the highly active Fire element. The latest charges are lessening the arc swing of duality and creating movement into a greater crystalline frequency dimension.

As the charges impact Earth they manifest an array of challenges with the planetary core and the magnetosphere that surrounds Gaia. As the solar winds enter our atmosphere the radiation can fry electronic hardware such as satellites as well as your physical body’s electrical aspects, including a need for cellular and DNA adaptability. This results in some unusual and chaotic energies in our environment, making people and animals mentally confused. Very often during a potent magnetic messaging cycle from solar consciousness the media will report bizarre behavior of animals. Environmental factors along with mental and emotional responses can switch genes on and off, altering genetic programs. So make sure the energetic opposition is lessened by perhaps wearing copper or gold on both wrists and employing certain gemstones as rings and pendants to help hold your field intact. You also want to hydrate the body as much as possible during and after such mechanics of ascension.

The inner ascension process makes it possible for the physical body to adapt to these cosmic light messages. The spine and the DNA serve as antennas and search modems sending and receiving signals into your personal field of existence (aura) that you integrate through the pineal gland. Via such trans-harmonic superhighways of light the growth of consciousness is supported. Often these download cycles induce a broadening or stretching (read overload) that results in a temporary energy loss. The first sensory indicator is an emotional low, a sense of being tired, and feeling out of sorts. Many find that they become somewhat vulnerable, feeling overwhelmed at times – as if you can’t seem to get things done, as if there are not enough hours in the day. Others sink into a funk, and it seems like you are moving through molasses. Emotions, too, can go from ecstatic highs to deep lows shadowed by lethargic depression. The key is to become aware of your ascension overload quotient and develop the beneficial antidotes that will neutralize the bombardment.

The need for humanity to shift becomes essential to maintain 5D equilibrium and balance. Denial will not serve. The cosmic undulations will only become more intense, as will the heightened energy of the planet itself. The energy of the New evolutionary cycle demands more effort on your part. You must pro-actively raise your frequency to adjust and keep pace. You are responsible for managing your energy and rising to the occasion. Your sensitivity to what lies within yourself (and others) is what produces harmony and order in your life. The solar wind messages over the last week remind you at your auric-field levels that this is an adventure that requires core re-stabilization and re-grounding. Your goal this week is to be a soft, gentle, and flexible soul as you accept that change is good and necessary.

The Sun’s transmissions are growing in frequency and magnitude, affecting you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The bombardments are sent to assist in perceptual alterations, for in these changing times of 2012 your senses are being heightened and expanded out of necessity. Cosmic influences are intended to stimulate a graceful spiritual awakening for humankind. With this understanding, navigate the road ahead with good enjoyment knowing that your perceptions are being nudged into expansion to enhance your quality of life.

As your mind expands in perceptual acuity, you will suddenly know things, see energy patterns and sense the potential occurrence of events days or even months in advance. You are slowly releasing the habit of being third dimensional. This habit, like all habits, is a set of behaviors that originate in your unconscious mind because they have been in place for millennia. Therefore, suggestions for better behaviors and thoughts come by highlighting the old, non-supportive actions, thoughts and emotions.

You’ll have a couple of weeks to slow down, reflect and press the pause button on life since the planet Mercury goes retrograde today and will remain retrograde for the rest of the month. Use the flow of what has just occurred cosmically inside this astrological period to discover any and all illusions that veil your hidden truths. The next couple of weeks will be perfect for raising your consciousness after the solar uplift. If you can make space in your days for mindfulness and spiritual practice, you may well find yourself stepping into another world – a world of peace, bliss and awakening.

On a practical level Donna Taylor states, “This particular Mercury cycle asks us to go back and make changes and to be innovative wherever possible. We need to be thinking outside the box and not care too much what other people think of our strange, unorthodox ideas, for it is precisely the strange and the unusual that will work best at this time. Following convention and protocol will not reap positive results at this time.”

What a great time to bring the source of your third dimensional existence out of your unconscious and into your conscious awareness! Let the discovery be the practice that allows you to consciously experience the next evolutionary cycle of earth.

And do it in a strange, peculiar way!

Rev. Angela

© 2012 Angela Peregoff | All rights reserved. Please feel free to copy and share these copyrighted Blessings with your friends, letting them know the source and inviting them to visit my website.


March 22, 2012

Had coffee over the phone this morning with my Beloved Mother…  and as is often the way in Life, our Mothers remind us of important things that we so conveniently forget, especially on this Journey of our Evolution.

I have been feeling, for several days, out of sorts – that’s really putting it mildly!  But in addition to the ups and downs of our Awakening, I have been experiencing a much-too-intense degree of frustration, at moments bordering on that dangerous ledge of Judgment and Anger.  I have not – no matter how hard I try – been able to understand what these feelings have been about… of course, thinking they are directly related to something personal, something in my own Life.  And then trying to figure out what it is I need to look at, clear, heal… those feelings for many of us are so uncomfortable because we, of course, want to Believe that with each new day, we are becoming more Spiritual, more Awakened, more Evolved than the day before.

But it’s clear that’s just not how Ascension works, isn’t it?  If it were that easy, this time on Earth wouldn’t be so passionate, so emotional, so talked about all over the World, or probably, even be necessary.

Enter my Mother.

As an Empath and as one Soul in our Connected Consciousness that experiences everything each other Soul does (as we all do), how could I have not seen what I was experiencing?  Have you, Dear Heart, been experiencing some of this also?  Have you been short-tempered this week?  Impatient?  Outright angry and hateful?

When things happen on this beautiful Planet that are disturbing, painful, violent, emotional, remember that these Energies affect all of us.  Are you able to step back at moments and see a True picture of which Heart Energy is yours to heal, and which is part of the Collective Consciousness?

Enter Trayvon Martin.

The incident in Florida recently has triggered so many volatile Emotions in all of us.  How do we Balance the seemingly righteous, genuine anger, outrage and the sense of injustice with the Spiritual place we are all inhabiting more and more each day?  If we are Spiritual Beings, growing, Evolving, becoming better, how can we let ourselves slip back down into these Energies?  Well, as much as many of us might no longer want to be, we are still Blessed, Beautiful, 3rd Dimensional Humans that require of ourselves these tests periodically.

Countless numbers of people have been experiencing the same Emotions about this story; none of us would deny that.  But are these feelings of anger and injustice benefitting our Journey?  Are these Emotions and the Energy of the accompanying thoughts of anger and judgement being felt in the Hearts of Trayvon’s family, even though that is the last thing we would want for them?  How do we balance the need to bring Justice to our World, to address social issues that arise, to take action to make things better, and yet stay Centered in our Souls and Hearts?  Each of us that feels and embraces the injustice and anger coursing through our Beings, is doing nothing more than providing fuel to the engine that keeps driving the hatred.

And yet, this was a huge injustice and example of hatred, so how can we not be deeply offended, deeply disgusted, deeply angered?

As difficult as it may be at times, I believe we must remember to keep our Center, stay in our Love, and remember the big picture of our Evolution on Earth.  We must feel moved and obligated to support actions that will rectify this injustice, but I think we also need to stay objective – both of these humans are Souls.  Both of these people have their own Journey, and their lessons and experiences in this Life are what they chose to endure, and in the Higher Mind, the Higher Consciousness, they are aware of this…

For those of us who are unable to assist within the Justice system, or unable to be part of a protest, or unable to, in any external way, become involved in this, we can still do something.

We can send Love to Trayvon’s parents and family.  We can picture Powerful Light infusing the Justice systems that have become involved.  We can Pray for Healing in the Hearts that are grieving right now.

And…. yes…. we can say Prayers for the perpetrator.  We can say Prayers for the police department that assisted in this event emerging the way it did.  Prayers for their awakening, their ability to forgive themselves and truly see what they have chosen to experience.

Some readers may be horrified to hear me suggest this.  But if we, the “Lightworkers” and those of us that are fully aware we are Evolving, how can we not do this?  Just as we feel it was not his right to take Trayvon’s Life, I don’t believe it is our right to impose judgement.  We are here on this Journey together to expand Love, Forgiveness, and Understanding of a Bigger Picture.  We are here to, for the first time ever on our Earth, learn Connectedness, Belonging, and finally be able to rise above division and separation.  We’ve lived in a Reality of division and separation for a very long time.  And it still hasn’t gotten us to a better World.

Maybe our Better World is inherent in experiencing these Emotions with a new sense of objectivity.

Maybe seeing this incident in a different way than we have always perceived similar incidents is a step in achieving new levels of our Evolution together, which, if we can succeed at this challenge, will bring us our new and better Earth that no longer contains injustices, hatred, and judgement.

Yes, it may be a difficult test.  Can we do this?  I Believe we can.

For one day, I will put aside my anger and judgement, and see if that helps my Heart feel better.  It will certainly free up space in my Heart to more easily hold Love and prayer for all concerned.



March 21, 2012

Steve Beckow, “Why So Fantastic?”

Here’s another Steve Beckow article that I had neglected to post yesterday.  I decided to put this on the Main Blog page because of the positivity it holds.  (the previous Steve Beckow article, posted earlier today, is in “Our World.”)  For those Souls that may have experienced fearful concern about the recent Order that was signed, this might provide another way of looking at that issue that might help decrease any Fear.

This is the link to Kauilapele’s post with Beckow’s article.



March 21, 2012

“Walking the Mindful Path: The Art of Balancing Your Humanity with Your Divinity”

Wanted to post this for dear readers who may be in the Moorpark, California area on May 12.  Sounds like a wonderful healing and Spiritual gathering.  The following is info about the event, copied here for you.  The link for further information follows that.


May 12: Mindfulness Retreat – “Walking the Middle Path”

Tierra Rejada Farm – 3370 Sunset Valley – Moorpark, CA. 93021

A FULL DAY MINDFULNESS RETREAT: From the day the Buddha experienced enlightenment, the importance of walking the Middle Path has been taught in many spiritual traditions. Walking the Middle Path is a metaphor for living a balanced life. The Buddha himself ignored the well-being of his body while trying to free his mind and it caused him to be extremely out of balance and his life-force began to wane. Do you have a tendency to be excessive in some areas of your life that lead to imbalance in other areas? It does not have to be that way. Learning how to rebalance your life is an art form. The Universe is in a perpetual state of perfect balance. It is we who, for various reasons, fall out of alignment with this Infinite center point. Therefore, it is up to us to find our way back to our original natural state of equilibrium. This is accomplished one day at a time by practicing the art of balancing our humanity with our Divinity; the result is a whole life. Are you ready to explore the blessings of being in balance by bringing your spirit, mind and body into alignment?

For more information, please call (805) 426-4566



March 21, 2012

Greeted the day today with a sense of…. well, just feeling off… have wondered if this feeling inside actually began yesterday morning for me.

When I checked my morning readings (and prayers – never forget how powerful Prayer is), I sensed a new Energy… or else it was residue of my space from yesterday.  Who knows… like everyone else, I am so ready for “Ascension,” Evolution, and the long-promised glorious changes for our Earth, that some days I just get impatient with the constant repeating of “Almost there…” “…it’s right around the corner.” “Get ready now!”  “We are commencing.”  But then nothing jaw-dropping ever happens.  I think so many of us are ready, ready for significant, obvious, world-changing events to start.  Maybe that’s why I felt tired this a.m., Spiritually, Emotionally.  And then I read Kauilapele’s blog and also the Galactic Federation of Light from Greg Giles.  They both felt to me like there was contained within them a different Energy, a new Energy…  Is it more teasers?  Is it really about to change?  Who knows – I certainly understand that in terms of time (which only exists in our linear reality), a Galactic message may say it’s here, get ready, because to them, without operating under the constraints of time but rather Infinity, it could be “right now” is six months from now in Earth time.  Or…. this could truly be about to move forward.

Moving forward, we seem to be told over and over, will begin with two significant events:  Many, many people around the World will be arrested and taken out of their positions, and media will no longer hide this and what is really going on; this will logically then lead to the first official landing, somewhere, gifting us with the Presence, finally, of others in the Universe who will help us go forward.

I’ve already thought too much about this today… need to go sit by the water, watch some animals, say some more Prayers, and just be with the Earth today.  I am posting KP’s blog from this morning and Greg Giles channeling because there really is something that felt different about these for me…  either the Time is here, and wondrous things are about to brought into our field of vision… or not…   I wanted to get these on the Main Blog page for the possibility that a larger number of readers might peruse these.

Let’s stay in the Moment.  Be in the Moment.  The Moment Now is the only time that is real and not part of the Grand Illusion.  Do not fret for the past, do not worry for the Future, and simply be here Now.  Stay in Calm with an Energy radiating out to the World that is comforting, rational, and helpful.

Enjoy these readings… what do you think?


Kauilapele’s Blog (I did notice his message has already changed since the first reading where he initially said he would be posting things very quickly today, one after the other; now (I think) that post was updated and simply states he’s done for the day).  Interesting…

Galactic Federation of Light through Greg Giles


March 20, 2012

Ok… Ok.  Regarding the earlier post today (Our World) about the premature release of election results in Illinois… well, I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out why news was released 24 hrs. early on WLS-Chicago announcing a winner… and it turns out that premature announcement was incorrect.  Go figure…

A good example of why we probably need to just stay in our Higher Selves when we hear these things.

Some days I really take it all too seriously…


March 20, 2012

There is something in the air today… not sure what it is.  I open the blinds to greet the day this morning, and I observe a wonderful, gentle breeze – yet a stillness; the sun is out – yet it’s slightly overcast; I hear a bird in the distance – yet there seem to be no creature sounds.  Feels like there’s an undercurrent of Energy moving – yet there is absolute Calm.

How Zen… probably just need more coffee.

What does your World feel like today?  Are you able to quiet yourself and really feel the space around you?  Do you feel a movement in that space?  Do you feel a calm balance in that space?  We are all becoming sensitive to these things, more and more every day.  Do you take a moment to sense what you can’t see?  Are you beginning to more easily discern what is Reality and what isn’t?

Maybe you’ve already perused your headlines and news for the day…are the headlines you read reality?  Or are you better able with each new reading to see through the words, read between the lines?

These thoughts have been in my Mind since I saw two articles last night, within minutes of each other.  I could not have found a better example of being able to place Dogma alongside Truth; I think this shows clearly that the time of accepting everything we read as Reality is quickly coming to an end.  Our Evolution requires this.

I’ve linked the two articles below to portray the inaccuracies of things we’re told day after day.  Things we are constantly being influenced to Believe are the Truth.  The first link is from “Daily Beast.”  I think the article is a great example of blatant propaganda, brainwashing, etc. that we’ve been allowing for too long now.  The second link is a Yahoo article that clearly indicates what the people really think and feel.  The People of Earth are ready for something new, something clean, something Loving and Unifying.  It is only the “players” that have been controlling the People for so long that continue to repeat the same things over and over, still believing we won’t Wake Up.  Well, it’s time to Wake Up!!

This is our Spiritual Evolution.  This is our Planetary Evolution.  This is our Galactic Evolution.  This time for us will not come around again.  This is our opportunity.  Would it really be that terrifying to, once and for all, admit that nothing is really as it seems?  If we cannot open the shades and clear the wool from our eyes about this small space and reality we inhabit on Earth together, how are we ever going to become Whole Spirits again and join the rest of the Galaxy in a new Consciousness?

Choose one thing today that you read, and just imagine for a moment… ponder whether it would really be that uncomfortable to question what you read.  Choose one story today and let the Courage in your Soul take a look at it for a Moment.  In the final analysis, is there a very different interpretation?  Probably…

I wish for you today a new piece of the puzzle to further your Awakening.


Article from Daily Beast:

Article from Yahoo:


March 19, 2012

As many of you can probably tell, I have a lot of respect for and often rely on the postings from “Kauilapele’s Blog.”  (I have no personal reason to recommend him, but do hope some of you have discovered a new source through his postings)  Another post just came that I think is excellent.  We must – ABOVE ALL – remember when things start getting us worked up, to take a breath, step back, go within, and allow the intuitive answers to be heard.

With that, I must go back to work (for you) to provide new information in other areas of Evolution in the Milky Way that I have neglected.

Providing some good guidance to stay centered, here is KP’s latest post:



March 19, 2012

OK, I have been searching diligently this afternoon, trying to find anything else that would provide us all with more information on the “prosperity packages.”  So far, nothing new.

However, in my work, I did run across another update regarding Ben Fulford.  Now, some readers may have noticed I abruptly stopped mentioning Fulford or posting any updates from him.  The reason is because the last one I saw just started sounding so crazy… and of course, caused me great confusion as far as who Fulford really is and/or what’s going on with him.  Since I had no further information, I decided not to believe or disbelieve.  I felt it was important not to get caught up in discussing whether or not Ben Fulford is credible or not and instead simply sent out good thoughts to him – doesn’t matter to me if he’s a disinformation agent or a ‘Lightworker’ who is having a difficult, brutal time with everything.  (I do believe we must send our Love and Light to everyone – not just the “good guys”) I actually began worrying about him….  is he being detained and hurt?  Has all his work and the inherent stress that would accompany that, causing him to lose track, or have a ‘meltdown’ of sorts?

Above all, I do hope he is OK.

So, here are a couple of links to updates for those readers who have followed Ben.  The first link is the older update (the one that started sounding ‘kooky’ to me).  The second link is the one I got today and is the most recent.  If any readers are aware of new information regarding Ben, please share.

Love and Light

Older Update from Kauilapele’s blog:

Most recent update from Kauilapele:

Rumor Mill News Update:


March 19, 2012

Just a quick update for readers – I have been searching busily for any further info on the “Blaino” gentleman and the Iraqi conference call about Prosperity Packages.  If I have further info on this report, you’ll be the first to hear it from me.  In the meantime, use discernment, keep Hope alive, and I will keep you updated.  Also, if any readers find more info on this news, please be sure and share those comments.


March 19, 2012

The past two days have been so filled with new thoughts, insights, and information and I feel I owe readers an apology for not keeping up on the Main Blog.

I also feel moved to express some Gratitude:  Since Evolution in the Milky Way appeared on the Internet less than a month ago, I have been speechless, humbled, awed, and so deeply Grateful.  Speechless, humbled and awed because of the confirmation for me that so many out there are ready – I MEAN READY! – to move forward, to open their minds, to consider new things, and most importantly to share with others.  Deeply Grateful, to my Angels, Guides and God that my intent to help others, to serve this Purpose… well, a sense that maybe, I’m finally fulfilling the responsibility in my Life that was really the only important one to fulfill.   I have no way to say Thank You that would truly express how deep my Gratitude is for you, the reader.  All I can say to you is, “Good job!!”  We’re doing it!!  We know it’s not up to just one or two people, it’s up to all of us and clearly we’ve all committed to step up and do our part.  From the bottom of my Heart, Thank You.

And let’s keep the message of Truth rolling around the World!  If you provide one new Insight today to just one person, you haven’t fallen short.  Rather you’ve increased the Light and Truth in the World by one more Soul and that is creating Smiles in the Cosmos and Heavens.  Remember, we are all Connected in Consciousness, so each new Soul that feels a light bulb come on in their Heart, that new piece of Awakening in turn spreads out in waves to the rest of the Consciousness and as a result, we all learn.

Please be sure to always check the categories for new posts as I have continued to keep adding things, even if I neglect the Main Blog.  Also there is a new Thought for the Week.  With regard to the Facebook connection, well… still troubleshooting there because I’ve noticed only one post randomly showed up, but none after that.  So I will continue to address this until it’s resolved.


I have felt the need since yesterday to honor a part of the population of Humanity.  A group of people who are here on Earth, that contain so much conscious and innate Knowledge and Wisdom, so much talent, and so much Passion and Drive.  We must remember the hard work of these Souls.  Who am I talking about?  Generation Y.  It becomes so easy these days to read news, hear stories from your neighbor, etc. about what a “problem” so many kids are.  Headlines of the bad behavior portrayed by that generation.  So many stories insidiously suggesting we must feel more and more afraid of these ‘kids’ in our communities.

I disagree wholeheartedly.  Can you not see the Light they arrived with when they were born?  Can you not feel the drive and momentum they exhibit in everything they do?  Can you not see the shine around their faces, the Sacred Power they have brought with them into this Life?  Does it not cause you to stop for a moment when you realize a young child, never introduced to the idea of UFO’s, Star Family, etc., are the ones telling their own parents so matter-of-factly that, of course there are spaceships and other people out there?

We can focus on the “bad behavior” we see in the news or we can recognize that bad behavior – which I remind you has been in existence since the first teenager came of age – is maybe a directionless Energy.  A Divine Energy that knows Now is the Time, but like all of us, didn’t arrive with an instruction manual.  They know they are important Souls, important Beings, important Children.  Some use their Energy to study at a very early age, almost as though they are driven not to waste any time.  Some use their Energy to create beautiful music and show talent that borders on prodigy.  And some use their Energy to test out their limits like any normal pre-teen or teenager.  They are going to accomplish great things for all of us.  Maybe the best way to say thank you to them is to provide guidance when the opportunity arises, to help them find the direction they are meant to go.  I guarantee you, once the direction and Purpose is clear for them, they will take off and accomplish great things for the Planet.

Recognize them for who they are – they are the Future, they are the Generation that will bring Peace, they are the Minds that will take us forward with unbelievable technology and energy.  They are the ones that will supervise, and make sure we save our World.

Could we do it without you, Gen Y?  Most days I doubt it.  You are the New Earth.

I salute you.  I cheer you on.  I am with you in Spirit as you do the hard work removing the support posts of the Matrix.  I am with you in Spirit as you Occupy, I am with you in Spirit as you fill the streets in so many countries of the World.  We are all with you and behind your endeavors.  You have brought so much Knowledge with you.  I hang my head and can only, simply say from the depths of my Heart, Thank You.


March 17, 2012

It’s another Beautiful day here on the southernmost tip of the United States.  Just been listening to the only-seen-in-movies (or Puerto Rico) perfect kind of tropical breeze, moving through the branches of the palm trees in the yard with just enough motion to help me remember the Sacredness of all the Earth’s elements.  It seems to be through the pure Gentleness of the breeze that I am reminded of the Magnificence and Power of these elements and the Strength the Wind can carry, when it chooses to do so.  The water on the Bay is in absolute Perfect motion (sans Dolphins  : ( ).  Maybe it’s that I try each day to Awaken with nothing in my Heart and Mind but opening the blinds to say Thank You to the Earth and all her Kingdoms.

Or… maybe because we’re (in this area of the planet) just two months away from “Hurricane Season” beginning, I’m simply enjoying each peaceful weather moment before that season begins.  There is so little left in Life that I genuinely fear, but I must admit through my first experience as a resident in this area, it’s a new part of my Journey.  I do not like Hurricane season!  I know, without any doubt, that the Fear that I choose to experience at moments between the months of June and September, is self-imposed.  I fully understand this.  But I still, for some reason, am choosing to experience the stress, worry, that goes with that time period.  Oh, you should see my home during those months!  Constant weather on the news, pet carriers all over the living room floor ready and prepared to load up, bags with minimal essentials already packed up, etc.  What a drama!!

But I also noticed this morning, a deeper desire to be connected with the Earth in a deeper way… feeling ready to do my part to help Heal her, and in turn, receive the Healing she is offering to Humanity.  I posted a beautiful channeling yesterday (the one from Toisheeba, during an event held in Sweden) that brought me back to my Spirit and my deep, Soulful Love for the Earth.  The Healing Meditation at the end of that reading is so simple, yet something every one of us can do to help the Planet.  On that note, I am going to add to that post, or put in Music, a beautiful Tonal meditation sound recording.  Not music, but rather tones.  I used this the other day, and was truly moved by the building momentum, repetitive, yet harmonious sound in these tones.  I listened to it while reading the transcript from Toisheeba and her description of what is ahead for us as Spiritual Beings, and our very nature that has no purpose but to continue on and on and on forever – True Infinity.

I will be adding a couple more things today in the Our World section – just trying to keep everyone updated on the information that comes to my attention.  What are readers thinking about all these stories?  Do you believe things in the news – such as arrests all over the World of high-level “money” people – is actually the beginning of a new World?  Do you believe it’s just more of the same ol’ news that seems to either trigger boredom, or absolute Fear/Anger/Witch Hunts/Us vs Them?

What do you think of the shake-ups that seem to be reported with more frequency as the days go by, about Roman Catholic officials finding themselves in trouble for one thing or another?  Is that a sign of new Times being born?  Do you think that is a sign of the be-all end-all basis of everything you believe – Religion and the Church – beginning to transform, to change from what we’ve always been told about Religion, into something new and never before imagined?

No matter who you are, wouldn’t you agree these are at the very least, some intriguing headlines and news that is beginning to look and sound a little different from the news with which we’ve been inundated and brainwashed for decades? (or longer)

Something is definitely going on…

Well, being that’s it St. Patrick’s Day, and being that I am 1/4 Irish (don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but “Irish” people only need to lay claim to the smallest fraction of Irish heritage to warrant a sense of cultural Pride and true understanding of Green Beer!!) I have no choice but to post a couple related items.  I have added a second Inspiration for the Day today (an exception to the rule) and in the Channeled Wisdom I have posted a fascinating reading about Ireland.  I actually had a hard time deciding if the reading should go in Channeled, Science, or Environment since it talks about (among many other things) proven Energies on the Planet e.g. Ley Lines.

I hope that somewhere along the way I have been able to offer to even one reader the thought to consider, that part of our Evolution also includes our very physical existence transforming from a carbon-based organism to a Crystalline structure.  For those in the U.S. who are interested in being in closer proximity to these powerful Crystalline sources, spend some time just outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, or Mt. Olympia, Washington.  There are certainly other places around the World but these two are becoming quite well-known as being points of Power and Transformation.  That’s not to poo-poo places like Stonehenge, Easter Island, Egypt’s pyramids, Sedona Arizona, Hawaii and many others.  But it is clearly time in our Evolution to consider, and start finding possibilities that may allow us to be closer to the Sacred Energies strengthening on our Planet.

Today, when you pass on something new for someone to consider, remind people of what’s really happening in the World, as far as bankers, politicians, etc.  And then remind them, we are Transforming, Evolving as a Humanity, and as Toisheeba said, it doesn’t matter if we’re ready, it’s going to happen!  And finally, remind them, we are All One, come from the same Unified Field in the Universe, are all equal citizens of this group called Humanity, and we are Magnificent Beings!   Alone against Dark Powers can feel hopeless… together against Dark Powers we are truly Connected Beings to be reckoned with!!

I wish you Beauty in your day today.  Whether it is filled with dolphins, beautiful unique bugs in your house, the echoes of the movement of animals in the northern woods, the birds singing the song of Life high in the trees, or the powerful Crescendos of the Seas, I hope your day is filled each minute with Attunement to the Mother Earth and all her Beauty.


p.s.  No, I have no further comment on the “Kony2012” film controversy…


March 15, 2012


Have been trying to keep up on “news” from behind the scenes – arrests, etc.  There’s a couple new updates in the OUR WORLD section today, along with some new channelings.  I don’t know about you, but I’m long past ready for our New World to commence!  Have also run across a few mentions in various items suggesting something is going to begin happening in March… well, we’re halfway through March, so…?


But if we keep looking, we will see clues everywhere about a lot of things happening right now.  There’s a couple of updates in OUR WORLD regarding more bankster activity and what I found interesting is on the same day I received an update from Garret John LaPorto’s website, Wayseers, about same or similar activity.

Let’s remember, we may not see these things happening as mainstream headlines, but the reports are out there to find, if we stay on track remembering these events will portend something so much bigger occurring in the World than just traders, investors, bankers being caught at corrupt practices.  This is the top blowing off of what’s been happening for a long, long time now.

Also, have noticed the headlines regarding the “Kony2012” film have continued.  When I first viewed this film, I was moved with a desire to do nothing but help others in our World see Justice.  I, of course, still feel this way; however, now an article has come out with feedback and comments from viewers in Africa that went to a showing of this film, and they are not amused!  Even to the point of walking out of the viewing of the film.  According to the African viewers, the film does not depict the way things are currently in that region.  So… another manipulated and ulterior-motive driven project, or an accurate reporting of what has occurred?  The determination is yours.

Stay in Love and out of Fear.



March 13, 2012

Toulouse May 5-6, 2012

Just received this Divine Cosmos website post.  For those readers who may be near Toulouse, France  on May 5-6, and any other readers who are learned in reading French, I’ve linked below information regarding this event, “Emergence d’un Monde Nouveau.”  David Wilcock will be speaking at this event along with Neale Donald Walsh, author of Conversations With God and many others.

If you find yourself in a position to consider attending this event, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  I can only speak highly of David Wilcock and the work he’s accomplished.  If you haven’t yet become familiar with David, the following is an excerpt from his website, Divine Cosmos:

“David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. His upcoming Hollywood film CONVERGENCE unveils the proof that all life on Earth is united in a field of consciousness, which affects our minds in fascinating ways.”

Below you will find the links to the Divine Cosmos page giving basic event information in English, the link to one French website providing information, and a link to the Divine Cosmos Home page to find out more about David Wilcock’s work.

English info:

French info:

Divine Cosmos:


March 13, 2012

Well, it seems like we’ve come out of an intense week, whether it was about Energy levels, Heart opening and Emotions, or just general health.  What’s been interesting is to watch how the statistics for Evolution in the Milky Way have suddenly in the last 24 hrs shown more visitors again.  In a way, this has been encouraging to watch the dip and rise in conjunction with the Energies I and others experienced the past week.  Seems to me many people may have been going through something similar.

And of course, sometimes it’s no more complicated than realizing some days we simply have to attend to the ‘mundane’ – our jobs, the housework, errands, etc. – and I think those are the times we find ourselves simply stepping back once in a while from the excitement of wondering what’s going on this year and the changes, to a sort of ‘tagging’ back in for a moment with our 3rd dimensional reality.  Since this is the year of Evolving into 4th Dimensional reality, involving all the aspects necessary – our physiology and DNA, our Chakras and the Planetary Heart Awakening, our external Environment and conditions, Justice finding it’s place in the World, and the changes involved in our internal Environment and Health – I think we will find we are doing this more and more often.  Sort of an Awakening Roller Coaster:  reaching heights in our evolving Consciousness, and then dipping back down to ‘touch base’ with the World we must still operate within.

As I’ve said – it’s a wild ride!!

I received the video below this morning… was a peaceful, beautiful and Centering piece to listen to/watch.  I hope this will provide something for someone out there.  We ought to remember, everything about our Evolution this year doesn’t have to be wild, exciting, mind-blowing, and High Energy in every moment… we need these calm and Balancing offerings too, to keep our focus.

Have a Beautiful Day today… I hope your personal Evolution is providing growth and enjoyment in each day!



March 11, 2012

On this beautiful Sunday morning, here on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, I decided to watch the Kony 2012 video that’s gone viral.  I finally watched this as it was recommended to me worth viewing.

What is interesting is why I had not watched this before now.  And it has, once again, to do with media headlines.  For the past week, I have seen the headlines in the news that everyone else has seen, and based solely on those, I chose not to watch the video.  Why?  Because the news was, once again, focusing on something negative, that was clearly apparent through the ‘teaser’ sentences heading these articles.  I assumed that the video was a portrayal of horrific deeds (which it of course it is, in the telling) that have occurred in Africa.  Because of the headlines, I deduced incorrectly, that this was one more story to leave us hopeless, worried, afraid, and intended to fill our minds with more images of simply “the way the World is” with no solution in sight.

I was so wrong.

This film is worth watching.  Not in order to be educated on further atrocities that have gone on in the World, but rather to show, so purely, so simply, what we can accomplish together.  This is what 2012 is about.  That no matter how far away our Brothers and Sisters might be, we can do something, take action, even if at the moment it seems to be too monumental to solve.  But we can.

My question is this:  Why has the media turned this into a controversy?  This video is a tool to bring all of us together.  Why was this idea downplayed in headlines?  Think about it… This is a story of people everywhere in the World coming together to save others.  Who is it that wants this story to be controversy, rather than empowering?  Because it is empowering.  It is one story, about one place in the World, one name on a list.  So why should we care?  Because, it is one story, one place in our World, and one name on the list.  Why shouldn’t we care?

For some, it may seem like just one more situation in Africa that we can seemingly do nothing about.  For me, it is one example of how Empowered, how United, how Loving we are becoming.  It is one example of how we can all join together to bring a little more Justice and Rightness to the World.

I have linked the video below.  It is only 30 minutes, and worth your time.  Pass it around.  Share the Energy of this video.  Share the Intent of our Future with anyone you know.

I have also linked an article that seems to be debating the accuracy of the video, offering reasons why this isn’t really important anymore.  I think the argument falls flat.  And I hope it does for you too.  The ‘rebuttal’ states that 30,000 children are no longer in danger, and that Kony no longer has the ‘militia’ he once did with an army of Children.  So?  So what.  Does that negate the 30,000 lives that have already been fragmented, the Children that have been hurt at a time in their lives when Children should be shown the possibilities in the World?  If there is still even one Child being kidnapped, abused, and made to commit horrors Children in other developed countries haven’t even imagined exist yet, isn’t it still important?  I think so, and I think this is another example of how we the People will save our World.

What’s wrong with Peace?  Everywhere on our Planet?  What’s wrong with saving one Child?  I think it is no less important than saving 30,000 children.

The ‘rebuttal’ article states Kony is no longer as ‘powerful’ as he once was.  It’s like saying a mass murderer who has been on a 10-year robbing, torture, killing spree is no longer worth going after, because, well he seems to have backed off, and isn’t committing as many crimes now.  Really?  Really?

The Creator of this video made a Promise.  It’s that simple.  Seems to me he’s doing everything to keep that Promise.

We can change our World, for the better.  Do not let the news headlines discourage you from observing the Strength, the Beauty, and the Truth that exists in our Spirits, as clearly portrayed by this video.

What do you think?

Rebuttal Comment from viewer of video:


March 10, 2012

OK, it’s been two full days of absence from my work here… before anything, I want to sincerely thank visitors and readers for your continued presence.  I did not expect the need I ran into to just take down time!  But I truly appreciate your continued interest in the Truth, your seeking, and your desire to gain Knowledge, and keep on reading!  So, from my Heart, Thank you.

It has been quite a ride for me the last 48 hours, from absolute Heartsick and tears to – what I believe was the physical manifestation of the pain in my Heart – physical illness that just plain grounded me for 24 hrs.  The day I felt such Heart Pain, I evaluated my emotions, and knew without any doubt the pain in my Heart was not my own… it was coming from outside Energy.  Was it the magnetic Energy bombarding Earth?  Was it the Emotional Energy of the masses of people in the World suffering so deeply?  Remember, people who are only focused on finding food, how to keep from being found and killed through genocide, how to feed their children, are not at all concerned with Solar Storms, full Moons, Illuminati, Dark Forces or anything else.  And their pain is very real, minute after minute, day after day, week after week.  For those of us fortunate enough to focus on something besides our very survival, learning the things we are learning, Evolving Spiritually as we are, is seems to me it’s our challenge and responsibility to help carry the pain and emotion of the masses that are so easily forgotten in our day-to-day lives.  So, in embracing that perspective, as painful as one of the last two days was for me, I felt honored to help my Earth family, the Family of Humanity, carry some of that.  Aren’t we all responsible for each other?  Do you feel our Connectedness more and more each day?

Then I proceeded to become very ill in my body for the next 24 hrs.  Totally grounded!!  Seemed pretty obvious to me what was happening… what was interesting is that I spoke with a family member who experienced the day after I did, such deep pain and weeping, and they too expressed an absolute Knowing that it was about Energy and pain from others.  So, I am curious to know how any readers might have experienced last week and would welcome any sharing you might feel moved to do through comments.  Did you find yourself in Heart pain, that didn’t make sense?  Did you experience a period of physical illness at all?  Did you feel different or have an experience that saw a difficulty in understanding the reason behind it?

I am so glad to be back writing!   And will be working throughout the day (no, really this time!) to add new posts.  The first one I am offering right away is in Our World section.  An interesting video, if you have the time (about 1-1/2 hr.) of an interview on the Kerry Cassidy radio show, known as Project Camelot.

Also, I stated in my last post (before unexpectedly being ‘hit’ in the Heart and Body and having to Nurture myself for a little while) that I had created a page on Facebook.  However, in this wonderful learning process and education related to the blog, I am still working on set up.  At this time, posts here are not showing up on FB yet.  Though you should be able to view the page, comment and share with others on FB at this point.

I only hope I am staying on focus for you, Dear Reader, and I strive to always remember my mission for Evolution in the Milky Way:  to offer information, a pathway for Truth for even one person out there, and hopefully, a sense of encouragement that the times we are in are Amazing and Exciting, and only fearful if we allow it to be fearful.  We are in a time when we need each other more than ever.  So if you find new Truth, new perspective today, remember to pass it on!



March 7, 2012

Just an update for those of you that might be looking for more reporting from Ben Fulford.  Yesterday Ben put out an update that I have not posted; at the time, I felt it was questionable – as did many of his followers – so I did not want to post that until I could find some verification of the things he reported (re: more Cabal arrests).  Unfortunately, I was not able to find the confirmation of that report that I had hoped.  I believe there is a new radio interview with Ben that has just been put out today, though I haven’t listened myself yet.  I will check this out and share with you tomorrow.  If any readers have already listened to the interview with American Freedom Radio, please feel free to share.

Also, tomorrow I intend to get some current postings on the Nature of our Environment section…I do realize I’ve neglected that category.  I have run across so many things that I felt worth sharing in that section it has been difficult to know what to post.  So… I will just start posting everything that looks good!

Evolution in the Milky Way is now connected up with Facebook so you have more ways to access.

It has been quite a time the last 24 hours for myself, and others I’ve spoken with, experiencing   intense periods of very low Energy.  Remember to Honor that; if you feel like a nap, take a nap.  We need to fully flow with the Energies at this time.  Going with the flow seems the easiest way right now to work in Harmony with and Allow the Alignments that are happening to all of us.  Also, keep in mind the Full Moon coming up tomorrow night, March 8.  In addition, be gentle with yourself and others at this time while we feel the impacts of the last two major Solar Storms.  They are very Powerful and do affect the Earth’s magnetic grid and our bodies.  (in addition to all the electronics!)  Typically these take about 48 hrs to impact the Earth.

(The following is from James Tyberonn’s Metatron website:

SOLAR ACTIVITY: Big sunspot AR1429 has unleashed another major flare–an X5-class eruption on March 7th at 00:28 UT. As a result of the blast, a radiation storm is underway and a CME will likely hit Earth’s magnetic field in a day or so. Geomagnetic storms are already in progress at high latitudes due to earlier eruptions from the active sunspot.)

Be gentle with yourself and others in your Life, and always remember we can choose Compassion as our first response.



March 7, 2012

It has been an interesting ride on this roller-coaster the last few days for me.  A lot of ups and downs, physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically.  (in addition to my local Internet service provider having “technical issues” most of the day yesterday)  During my morning reading today, I found the video linked below; I couldn’t believe how it matched what I have been experiencing the past week.  I only recently discovered this gentleman last month when I listened to his first forecast (for February).  It is, for me, a great way to start the month, and I will be looking forward to his future forecasts to help guide us through this year.

I found so much in his forecast this month that resonated for me.  And, as is my way, am now deep into thinking, pondering, re-evaluating, and sitting with insight about myself.  These times we are in are requiring that we look closely at the issues that continue to arise for each of us… old issues not yet stamped “Closed”, recurring issues of less intense nature that need resolving, and emotions revisiting at the most unexpected times, that are asking – pleading – to finally be cleared once and for all.  This is not necessarily an easy aspect of our Evolution but it is required.

Know that whatever you are experiencing probably doesn’t really require an emergency visit to the doctor, doesn’t need us to push on harder in certain moments when our Bodies are asking for a period of rest.  If you are feeling ill, suddenly for no reason for a couple of days, be with your Body.  Nurture, care for, and allow it the rest and nutrition you would provide another without any question.  Our bodies are changing in these time – our diets and appetites are changing, our sleep patterns are changing, our sense of Purpose is changing, and our relationships are Evolving.  Do not be afraid of these experiences.  Go with the new diet, healthy eating and nutrition that your body is beginning to desire, in its attempt to end old ways of sustenance.  Go with the Energy-level and sleep patterns that feel so extreme and unpredictable during these times – if you suddenly feel you cannot keep your eyes open during the day and may literally fall asleep for nap right where you’re sitting, then find a way to do that – take a nap.  If you are waking up too many nights at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, with no understanding why, just go with that.  (if you talk to people, you will, in fact, find many Souls are experiencing this during our Evolution).  Get up in the middle of the night, walk around, go back to the book you were reading; if you listen to your Energy level, you will know when to return to bed/sleep, or may find you’re just up for the day at that point!  Do not worry.  These Energies are changing and shifting in all of us right now, and all we’re being asked by our Higher Guidance is to Honor them, get comfortable with them.

I did like his mention of Mothers and the comments he made on this.  But, for me, I especially appreciated the reminder that our Ultimate Mother is the Earth.  It is time to help her find her Balance again, and simply return the Love she has given so unconditionally… just like a Mother.

I hope you enjoy this video.  I have also linked his website for you to read more if you choose.  I’m already looking forward to April’s forecast!  Oops, have to get back in the Moment, and look at, address, resolve, and Forgive the current things in Life that need attention!  April will arrive when it is ready!


March Forecast:

LeeHarrisEnergy website:


March 6, 2012

Wow!  I have just run across an incredible video.  I am tempted to post it in 3 or 4 different places… however, I highly recommend checking out the Science of Ascension section, which is where I’ve placed it.  Also, below you will find a link to the website where I discovered this.

It is becoming clearer and clearer to me, each new day, that this Wave of Awakening is spreading exponentially!  It’s spreading and Happening whether you’re ready or not.  Are you afraid of 2012?  Are you excited?  Do you feel new Energies?  What do you think is going on?  For you, is the World looking like Beauty or Chaos?

I see nothing but more and more Beauty each day.  Evolution will not wait, it’s upon us.  Will you be caught off guard, looking the other way, or will you be riding the Wave into Higher Consciousness with your eyes wide open?

In addition to the video mentioned above in Spiritual Science, there are new posts in Science of Ascension, Good News, Channeled Wisdom, and Our World so I hope you enjoy your visit.

Take a walk, look at the Sky, feel the Wind on your face, and most importantly, feel the Energy of the Earth beneath your feet.  Walking will keep your body strong, the Sky is our Future, the Wind is the Breath of the Earth speaking to the Divine, and return the Vibration and Heartbeat you feel from the Earth with the Light in your Heart.


Another good website:


March 4, 2012

It’s a new day in the World today… the day of rest for many people, the day that begins a new week for many of us.  Do you feel different today?  Do you feel everything is just the same as yesterday?  Something feels new for me today… maybe it’s been the morning readings I look forward to each day.  (Be sure and walk around Evolution in the Milky Way for new posts)  One of the pieces of Channeled Wisdom I’ll post is telling us the actions behind the scenes in our World are heating up, and we could be entering the final phase of Breaking the Chains, meeting our true Sovereignty.  I think it’s time, Folks, to get serious about what our duties are here!  It could be in the next few weeks news in the world will start happening, accelerating.  Are you ready to provide calm, understanding, comfort, and help to those who will respond with Fear?  Do you believe you are meant to be here at this time and have a Mission like at no other time on Earth?  Well, you do!  We all do!  If you’ve heard the term “Lightworker” and have wondered what this means, I offer my simplest explanation.  Lightworker is exactly what it implies – if you have chosen to be here on this Earth, at this time in history, then you Chose to be responsible for Bringing Light to the Earth.  Simple as that.  Light is Healing, Light is Powerful, Light sends Darkness into Nothingness, Light is Holy, and Light shows us the Way forward.  Are you a Lightworker?  Do you wonder if you are and hope it is so?  Dear Soul, if you are reading this, if you have begun reading these sorts of resources online – YOU ARE A LIGHTWORKER!  If you are being made aware of new ways of looking at the World, you are a Lightworker.  If you regularly (even if it’s in private in your bedroom, office, WiFi shop,) read more new information each day about Spirituality of the Human, DNA changes and becoming Crystalline Beings, Chakra balancing, find you pray more often, are reading more about the Earth changes happening, feeling like you have a Mission, a Purpose struggling inside to Free itself, you are a Lightworker!

Try to start this new week, with the new Energies gearing up everywhere in the World, to take closer note of how you “pray.”  Praying can be just talking, it can be pleading, it can be your last resort depending on your Life situation, it can be Meditation.  How you Pray is solely your Creation and it is all Good.  Do your prayers focus on begging for help to defeat your perceived ‘enemies’?

I challenge my readers this week to look for Compassion and Gentleness in their prayers.  Do you pray for the fall of leaders – Assad, Obama, Putin, GOP candidates?  Instead of focusing on who you believe the “bad” guys are, and pleading for their demise, can you first change these Prayers and ask for Light, Safety and Protection of those who feel harmed by these people?  Instead of asking for a violent end to Assad and his leadership, can you keep your thoughts focused on asking for Protection for the people being murdered under government-condoned actions?  Could you take this one step further and then ask in your Prayers for Assad to see the Light?  Pray for his personal epiphany to change his ways.  Pray for his Evolution.  Without hatred or violence, Pray for his removal.

Can you remember this week that everyone on this Planet – good, bad, evil, sainted, or otherwise – all come from God?  We are all Divine Sparks, created from Love.  We will all return Home, no matter how each of us envisions this.

We’re all in this together, so Lightworkers, hear the Call now!  With few updates on activities going on behind the scenes this past week, I admit I’ve become impatient again.  I’m ready for our new World!  Watch the news, read the headlines, in a new and different way.  You will see a whole lot more going on out there, if you apply a new Perspective.  And Trust.  Above all, Trust.

It’s almost curtain time, are you ready for your Part?  Let’s all hang on, be the Lightworkers we know we are, and be ready to fulfill our individual missions and Save our World!!


March 3, 2012

Another new day on Earth for all of us!  Did you Awaken this morning Thankful, Peaceful?  Did you arise with a Happiness in your Heart?  Did you awaken with worry, stress, Fear about something?  Do you arise each day taking quiet time to Silence your Mind and speak to the Universe, to the Divine?  Do you listen, try to hear what the Grand Consciousness is saying back to you?

I find that if I awaken, maintaining Silence for even short period of time, it can be very centering.  I say Prayers for the World when I arise.  I try each day (though not always as successful as I would like!) to open my Eyes expecting Wonder, expecting the best for the day.  It it always our choice in what space we begin our day.  Do you choose each day to begin listening to the chatter in your Mind?  Do you choose each day to begin with a Sense of Peace?

These are the Moments that are completely up to us.  The outside World does not determine how we Embrace each new waking moment; only we determine that through our Conscious Choice.  Do you desire to begin each new day already exhausted and weighted down with worry?  Or do you desire to begin each new day with a sense of Newness and Adventure?  It is a Beautiful thing to form a new habit of welcoming each Sunrise, each morning with Positivity and Love.  Every day is a new Beginning, over and over, for each of us.  Make that Conscious choice today to Create a Feeling of Happiness with your Thoughts, for yourself and everyone around you.  Approach the day with the Strength within you, the Trust in your Inner Voice, and expect the best!

There are new posts today in Music, Science of Ascension, and Good News.  I am continuing to post new items throughout the day, so enjoy venturing through Evolution in the Milky Way this weekend!



March 2, 2012


A couple new posts have been added tonight that I wanted to let you know about.  Check the new addition to Channeled Wisdom, and of course your new Daily Inspiration.

I hope that Life is feeling Joyous and new every day for my readers.  I myself am feeling a sense of excitement at moments, almost as though there’s a party somewhere around the corner, with wonderful Gifts waiting for all of us.  But, I am also feeling a draining of Energy, as these times will certainly do periodically.  So, I ask your Patience while I re-energize, find my Center again, and get some much-needed rest!  Having said that, I will share new posts tomorrow for your perusal in the Religion/Spirituality section, the Science and Technology section, and Nature of our Environment.  As always, I will be constantly looking for Music and Good News to share with you.

Remember these are exciting times we’re in!  Enjoy the things that are happening each day, focus on Love rather than Fear, share your Kindness and Compassion with everyone you meet, and above all, get rest and eat well!  (and don’t worry about those nights where sleep is elusive – this too, is a sign of the times!  Honor it and go with the Flow!)



March 1, 2012


I’ve been working hard the last 24 hours to streamline and make Evolution in the Milky Way easier to read (I hope!).  It was getting a little too busy-looking, and since my goal is to share information and  provoke thought for my readers, I’ve made a few changes.  Hopefully these will make it easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for on a given day.

As you’ll see, I’ve made it easier to get to the Daily Inspiration with a new page on the menu bar.  Same for the Thought for the Week.  This has also cut down on the number of categories you can search.  As always, anything that’s been posted can be found in the Archives.

I hope this has made it easier!  And again, I thank all my visitors for your Patience!  This has been (and still is) a wonderful education for me!


I woke up today thinking about Random Acts of Kindness.  I was attempting to recollect where I have been kind to others throughout my Life and if at the end of my Life I will be content that I tried my best in every situation to show Kindness…  oh, what a Reality Check that was!  But I also revisited a memory from years ago.  When I was living in Minnesota years ago, I had been asked to house/cat sit for a Friend.  While doing that, there was a heavy snowfall and the morning after I discovered my Friend’s driveway a foot deep in snow!  As well as the walkways up to the door of the house.  I knew I wanted to take care of this since they would be arriving home within the next 24 hours.  I searched until I found a shovel in the garage and then got to work.  I shoveled, and shoveled, and shoveled.  But when I was finished, I stood back and saw a driveway that would be easy to pull into and a walkway that would allow quick access to the warm house after their long trip home.

A few days later, I was chatting with my Friend, and they mentioned that when they got home someone had shoveled and cleared the property.  They expressed puzzlement at who would have done that since it had only been expected I would stop in a few times a day to visit with the cats, attend to lights, water plants, etc.

I never told who shoveled the property.  And that, I have realized, was one of the most significant Random Acts of Kindness I’ve given someone.  Because I never took credit.  It was the most wonderful feeling for me.  What I experienced through that was the Connectedness and simple caring that we all have with and for each other.  It provided me the experience of true Humility.  And my Ego was not at all happy!!  But I never gave in to the ego chatter and nagging to take credit, and to this day, it’s possible they have never figured out who shoveled the snow.

Today, if you feel moved to commit a Random Act of Kindness, can you take it one step further, and find a way to share that Kindness without any recognition?  I challenge my readers today to share a Random Act of Kindness, without taking any credit for the Happiness you provide.  It’s a wonderful feeling!

And maybe a new way of understanding we’re all here together and we all have a right to, and deserve goodness and Happiness in our lives, no matter where it originates.



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