October 2013

October 29



October 14


It has been a long time since I’ve posted or shared thoughts here on EintheMW.  It’s good to be back!  I see my last entries were the beginning of September – and there was nothing for August!  For those Beautiful Souls that have continued to enjoy visiting this space, I sincerely apologize for my temporary disappearance with no explanation.

With that apology to you, I have also realized what a Joyous feeling it is to follow our Hearts and our own inner Guidance.  As long as we do not hurt others in the process, we owe this to ourselves and the World.

The past three months I have been venturing into new territories and opportunities with which Life has Blessed me.  It has been a wonderful and new learning adventure that has taken myself and my companions (human and animal) across the country again!  I have relocated to the North – though many have looked at me strangely and wondered why on Earth I would move from the tropical Florida Keys to the cold north in September!

Simply put, I have followed my Heart home.  This region is where I am from and after 20 years, I have answered the calling of my Heart to return.  The Blessings showered upon me this summer have also provided the means to follow this calling, for which I have Gratitude each and every day.

And this is where we all find ourselves, more than ever before.  It is time to listen to the calling inside of you.  The time is over to delay.  Wherever we are meant to be now, whatever we are meant to do now, whatever Life we are meant to live now, it is time to go for it.  Our Inner Guidance, our Higher Selves know very clearly where we each are meant to be, where we decided and intended to be at this time on planet Earth.  Jump off the cliff, do what your Heart is asking for, enter the adventure.  Remember, in each Moment, everything is right and good, with a Purpose.  Each Moment of decision is exactly where you are meant to be.  Listen to your Inner urging and you will find rewards, Liberation and Joy on the other side.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.

It will not lead you astray.”  ― Rumi


I will finally be getting back to posts on the blog.  There are so many items that need “catching up” now.  I make no promises for how quickly this will happen.  I intend to start by getting back to Daily Inspirations for you, and the ‘regular’ items I’ve typically posted (Lee Harris, Gaia Portal, Matthew, Archangel Michael, Montague Keen, etc.).

With this Main Blog entry I already feel the Joy of sharing and writing again!

I wish you the same Joy and Adventure.  I wish you Strength in these times to keep your Hearts above the fray of the World right now.  I wish you certainty and forward movement in each step you take.  And where your Certainty wavers, I wish you Courage to continue on where your Heart so desires to take you.  And as I shared last month, “Do Not Feed the Fears.”


“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.”  ― Rumi



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